Rising Kenyan R&B sensation IkeN is set to enchant his fans with a new release that reimagines one of his most beloved tracks. Scheduled for release on May 31, 2024, the single “Divine Intervention (Acoustic)” offers a softer, lullaby-like version of the original, showcasing IkeN’s versatility and deepening emotional connection with his audience.

“Divine Intervention is one of my personal favorite tracks on the album,” says IkeN. “I wanted to do something special with it—this acoustic version is softer, more lullaby-ish. I really hope people enjoy it.”

Originally featured on his album “Galatea,” “Divine Intervention” captivated listeners with its lush, ethereal sound and compelling lyrics. The acoustic version strips back the production to expose the raw emotional undercurrent of the song, highlighting IkeN’s soulful voice and the poignant storytelling that has become his signature.

This release follows IkeN’s recent success, having gained international attention and acclaim for his innovative blend of alt-R&B with diverse influences ranging from Alina Baraz to Frank Ocean. With “Divine Intervention (Acoustic),” IkeN continues to explore new dimensions of his musical artistry while providing his fans with an intimate musical experience.