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Belgian progressive rock project Transport Aerian, known for its acclaimed works Darkblue (2015) and Therianthrope (2017) is coming back with the new lineup and the new album Skywound, which is set to be released worldwide on October the 29th 2021 by Melodic Revolution Records and will be available in Belgium exclusively from October the 24th 2021 on during the series of shows in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Skywound is a concept album whose main themes are focused on the tragedy of an ordinary loving couple caught in the turbulent events of the world preparing for the war and standing on the brink of global catastrophe. It reviews the global problems, ranging from political to spiritual from the perspective of a human: the story behind the album concept could be about each and every one of us. It combines the elements of classic prog and contemporary heavy and experimental music, exploring the vintage production designs, post-modernist tint in lyrics, and is made as a seamless piece of music, in the tradition of progressive rock albums that are meant to do the same as Skywound does – to tell the story.

Album will be released as a limited edition double-digipack with a booklet artwork exclusively designed by award-winning Belgian artist Hans Boeykens (most known by his graphic novel Aleize) and will be available worldwide both as a CD and on all digital platforms.

The lineup for Skywound and the live performances features contemporary composer and pianist Umut Eldem, Gent’s young and gifted drummer Paul De Smet, Transport Aerian’s long-term partner, experimental guitar player Stefan Boeykens, and Hamlet himself who is in charge of the project since its creation.

Listen to the music video of the Skywound’s first single Falling 20 (and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!):

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