In many ways this feels like the beginning of a whole new world, and I am sure this is not the last time we will come across an album like this. On one level here we have a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable jazz EP by the trio of Sam Ross (piano, Fender Rhodes) along with bassist Simba Distis and drummer Dr Mimi Mured which was recorded live at The Mira Room. That is exactly what it sounds like, with complex drum fills and a superb use of the complete kit (including rim shots) while the upright bass provides superb counter melodies and runs which allows Sam to go off at tangents. There is just one thing wrong with this, and that is practically everything when it comes to the recording itself.

You see, Sima Distis (an anagram of Midi Bassist) and Dr Mimi Mured (Midi Drummer) do not actually exist. Sam Ross used the off period caused by the COVID pandemic to master production, playing the piano parts and programming the bass and drums via Logic Pro X by himself, note-for-note. Utilizing Keyscape, Ample (bass ST) and Addictive Drums 2, he was able to realistically create the sound of string bass and drums which along with his piano and electric keyboards, made it possible for him to be the entire trio. And in addition, there is no Mira Room. Ross invited 30 of his friends and family members to listen to the music and react as if they were in a club. It is important to mention this just because it is quite some feat, but does it make any difference to the music itself? No. If one was to play this without knowing any of the above then one would truly believe here is a trio which are absolutely cooking, as at no time does it sound as if any of the sounds have been created in the studio, and the interplay feels genuine, and reactionary, as opposed to having been laboriously created. Ross must have spent countless hours working on this, but it does not sound that way, as it really does sound as if this 30 minutes is a capture of a place and time, a special moment which those of us who were not in the audience that night are lucky to be able to relive.

First and foremost this is about the music and what has been achieved, as opposed to how it was created, and while part of me is frustrated that my ears were so easily deceived, the larger part of me is so pleased indeed to having been able to hear such an enjoyable EP which is musically inventive, immediate, and wonderfully layered. 7/10 Kev Rowland