In noise punk band’s sprawling 2LP debut, released by label Kingfisherbluez (Xiu Xiu, Merzbow, Peach Pit), frontperson Cole Klassen draws from experience to show the harm in thoughtless trans visibility

The emerging Canadian noise punk band, hailing from so-called “Vancouver,” drops their heavy and uncompromising 17-track debut on major streaming services May 3rd. Tall Mary’s vinyl pre-order is live on Bandcamp and includes a free Patch. The release comes via Vancouver label Kingfisherbluez, know for their diversity of genres from easy listening (Peach Pit) to avante garde (Xiu Xiu). According to Canadian magazine Northern Transmissions, “Not only is this a phenomenal album, it’s a remarkable showcase of expression and feeling free. This is a band that needs to be heard.”

In an Instagram post, Tall Mary’s songwriter Cole Klassen (they/she) writes: “like many, I went down the [trans] pipeline starting around lockdown . . . When covid was ‘over,’ going outside and being seen wasn’t easy. Growing up, I existed in overlapping realms of power—man, white, middle-class, north american. And I still benefit from these priveleges greatly, even when I present femme. But the vitriolic change in onlookers from tiny gnc cues was shocking.” In the last few years, many transpeople have shared mixed feelings on the new visibility-focused media industry surrounding transgender topics. In a 2022 interview with The Canadian Press, Elliot Page—now the world’s most visible trans man—said “no doubt we need to see ourselves and our joy reflected . . . but of course, that can also lead to backlash, and does lead to the most vulnerable members of our community being affected the most.”
As her thesis at UBC’s School of Creative Writing, When Will I Find Something New was nurtureed by the mentorship of Canadian musicians like Tariq Hussain and John K. Samson. A synthesis of post-rock, post-punk, noise, and performance art, the album is an exciting addition to the 2024 heavy scene—where labels like The Flenser and Sargent House feel like the A24 of heavy music. Politics and artistic lyrics aside, Tall Mary are perhaps best known locally for playing their guitars with “screwdrivers.” Cheekily self-aware, every 2LP comes with a sticker that says “that band you heard plays w/ screwdrivers (it’s actually an awl).”

The album dropped digitally on streaming platforms Fri May 3rd, and the Bandcamp 2LP pre-order ships May 27th. Here is a link to the album on Spotify:

Here is a link to the Bandcamp vinyl pre-order: