Neverwake unveiled an upcoming tour alongside Silvertung, kicking off in February. Plus, mark your calendars because the band has been added to the Saturday lineup at Rockfest on July 20th! The band will drop their revamped rendition of Creed’s “Bullets” on all major platforms on February 6th!

NeverWake is a haunting sinew of hard rock and metalcore out of Pittsburgh PA. Captivating melodies are entwined with heavy grooves that refuse to leave the mind. Explosive riffs weave their way over a strong foundation. NeverWake has been capturing the minds of listeners worldwide. They have toured the US, played various national festivals, shared the stage with bands such as Falling In ReverseAll That Remains, and many more.

Just recently they have worked with powerhouse musicians such as John Moyer of Disturbed. There are no signs of slowing as the band is on course to release continually throughout the year and tour mid 2024. NeverWake consists of Johnny DiCarlo on lead vocals/lead guitar, George Scott on bass guitar/vocals and Justin Sanford lead guitar/vocals.

NeverWake is currently endorsed by Schecter Guitars, EMG pickups, DR Handmade Strings, and Splawn AmplificationNeverWake is signed to Melodic Revolution Records.

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