New Album “London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” Out March 2024

Metro Society, the brainchild of guitarist/songwriter Chris Mangold and bassist Ian Ringler (MAGNITUDE 9 / PSYCO DRAMA), is set to send shivers down the spines of progressive rock/metal enthusiasts with their latest single and video “City Streets”. The haunting track is part of the highly anticipated album “The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898”, a concept-driven musical journey into the dark and mysterious streets of 1800s London, which comes out in March 2024.“City Streets” is the first song on the album with lyrics and it’s a prog rocker with driving guitars and catchy melodic vocals. The band shares:

“This was one of the first song concepts that we came up with when starting to plan out the storyline for the album. We knew we wanted the album to start off with the character of The Detective walking the London streets at night. Ironically enough, when we worked on the vocal recordings for the album, we sort of went in a reverse order starting with the last song on the album and then working our way towards the first song.”

Watch and listen to the lyric video for “City Streets” via its premiere on Bravewords HERE.

“The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” revolves around a gripping story penned by Chris Mangold and Ian Ringler, exploring the thin line between the thirst for knowledge and the addictions of obsession. Set against the backdrop of London in 1898, the Victorian age draws to a close, but the horrors of Jack the Ripper’s murders continue to cast a grim shadow over the city.

The album features an exceptional lineup of musicians, including vocals from George Margaritopoulos (WARDRUM) and Will Mangold, Chris’ father who contributed his talent to the drum tracks. The final recording, production, and mixing was a joint effort between the band and Rob Murray and Kyle from Wilderfox Studio. It is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and Threshold.

“The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” is due out on March 1, 2024, via the band’s own label Metro Sciety Records, and is available for pre-order at

Track Listing:
1. London 1898 – 2:59
2. City Streets – 7:34
3. Lost Souls – 6:29
4. Pieces of the Past – 9:25
5. Society – 6:37
6. Underground – 5:33
7. Inferno – 7:23
Album Length: 46:02

More info:


“I especially like the spirited opening track, A King In His Own World, which is more of an overture than anything and which features nice, clear-but-fuzzed-out guitar work by Chris Mangold (who also co-wrote the album) and some cool synthesizer lines from his co-writer Ian Ringler. Also good is Hills Will Roll, featuring interesting, inventive percussion by Will Mangold.” – DPRP

“The one great thing about Metro Society is that they don’t really sound like any other band on the prog-metal scene, so don’t expect any Dream Theater, Symphony X, or Vanden Plas moments here for the most part. Other than some dark aspects that might fall in line with latter day Fates Warning, this is very original sounding. Singer Brown has a voice that fits the brooding style of the music perfectly, whether he is hitting some soaring falsetto’s or the occasional mid-range gruff passage, in which he fluctuates between the two on the kick ass opener “King of His Own World”. The bands more melodic and catchy side surfaces on “Welcome Hope” featuring Brown’s tender vocals and some tasty guitar work from Chris Mangold. Hard hitting progressive metal, with beefy guitar and stabbing synths, is heard on “Hills Will Roll”, and the band really lay down the crunch factor on “Metro”, a killer instrumental with intricate bass lines, heavy riffs, wild synths, and flailing drum work. Brown almost hits Dio territory on the Medieval and progressive sounding “Purgatory”, and the band launches into multi-part, prog-metal of epic proportions on the near 19-minute “Lost in Paris”. This one features plenty of great textures and instrumental bits, as the band moves from acoustic sections to progressive passages to out and out metal.” – Sea of Tranquility