They turn fast, the pages of time, and so many moments, faces and voices get caught in their folding.But, as we know, music can stop time, freeze it, rewind it, play with it as if it was just a detail in the journey of existence.

Martin Turner does just this and, through the immortal notes of his Wishbone Ash era masterpiece Everybody Needs A Friend, he pays homage to the memory of his agent for Germany and friend Markus Sollner as if he never left.

On the first anniversary of Markus’s last journey on this planet (17th April 2020), the song becomes a video where Martin Turner and his band mates Danny Willson, Tim Brown and Misha Nikolic raise a glass to Markus and to all absent friends.

A simple but heartfelt testimony to the great friendships born on the road, nourished by great laughter and little sleep, long drives, and longer stories.

A brand-new rendition of a legendary number, shot diligently from a distance, showing how music can overcome the barriers of space as well as those of time. 

Watch the video for Everybody Needs A Friend here:

The song, originally on Wishbone 4, was re re-recorded in 2020/21 which can now be purchased and downloaded here:

A percentage from each purchase in the next 6 months will be donated to a charity chosen by Markus’s family, called MJC Trier a cultural & youth centre, in memory of their beloved friend. 

This way, gentle and joyful Markus can carry on doing good, just from the Next Room. 

Markus’s family’s chosen words:
Music was his first love….Markus was a family guy, reliable, funny, a loving rascal.His job was his passion, he enjoyed all of the arts, also cooking.A good cook, a loveable brother, a faithful friend. Ingrid. (Markus’s sister)

Wishbone Ash Memories
“Markus was a true gent; I will miss the laughter and fun we enjoyed over the last 7 years.  Markus really became a member of our family and his loss was like losing a brother. RIP big man you will always be missed.”  Tim Brown (Drummer)

“… Markus Sollner, our great friend, promoter, chaperone, drinking buddy, tour guide, translator, and occasional chef, always looked after us so well on the road in Europe, ensuring everything went smoothly. But above all he had a great sense of humour and made sure we had plenty of fun and laughter along the way! Danke Markus, you will always be missed and never forgotten.” Danny Willson (Guitarist)

“One word comes to my mind when thinking about Markus…Gentle Giant! Markus was a true gentleman and a force to reckon with. Always reliable, ready to help, highly organised but above all gentle with great sense of humour. He made me laugh when he called his hotel room “the office”.
He enjoyed touring as much as we did and always made sure we were not short on food and drink.I enjoyed our little coffee breaks along the route, stories, and his company. He treated us like family. Saying goodbye at the end of the tour made me feel like leaving a family member behind. I will miss him greatly…” Misha Nikolic (Guitarist)

“Markus was a big plump pussy cat I always thought, but then one day I witnessed him red in the face, banging his fist on the Hotel reception desk to complain about something or other.  Yeah, go Markus I thought, but seriously he was a lovely man, kind and considerate and not afraid to let me know when I was driving like an annoying prick which could happen occasionally. 
Taken from us all too young but I send him my love through the ether, bless you Markus – you were a good man whilst you were here.”Martin Turner

Watch the video for Everybody Needs A Friend here:

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