About Friends
On this, their sophomore release, the Electromags are back with a vengeance. Still based on the core group of Ellett (guitar & keyboards), Craig Kahn (drums), and Mark Cook (bass), their new album Friends features twenty-two guest musicians from around the world, including many from the Progressive Rock community.

With contributions from members of BARAKA (Japan), Minimum Vital (France), Aisles (Chile), Electric Swan (Italy), Shylock (Germany), Edhels (Monaco), California Guitar Trio (USA) and others. Said Ellett “I wanted to get all my friends together on one album, folks I’ve known since high school and college, musicians I networked within the 80s and 90’s, and friends from my hometown of Topanga, such as 5-time Grammy Award winner Alfonso Rodenas and others.


1. Viewer Discretion Advised (Featuring Ted Price)
2. The Many Moods of Morgan (Featuring Brian Chapman)
3. Via Valencia (Featuring Alfonso Rodenas) 03:46
4. It’s all San Andreas’ Fault (Featuring Marc Ceccotti & Joee Corso) 5. TransPacific Highway (Featuring Issei Takami & Shin Ichikawa)
6. Splitting Hairs (Featuring Dudley Taft)
7. Maximum Connection (Featuring Thierry Payssan & Bill Polits & Aquiles Magaña)
8. Three Parsecs from Tucson (Featuring Carl Weingarten & Walter Whitney & David Udell)
9. Maria’s Lakeside Drive (Featuring Barry Cleveland)
10. Guitar City (Featuring Paul Richards)
11. Sons Of Sebastien (Featuring Lucio Calegari & German Vergara & Juan Pablo)
12. Bueno Sanga (Featuring Alvarez Ortega Bianchi & Jim Crawford) 13. 1960 Ocean Front Walk (Featuring Frederic L’Epee)

Total Running Time: 52 Minutes

The Electromags:

Gayle Ellett: lead & rhythm guitars, Minimoog, Rhodes, Hammond, mellotron
Mark Cook: bass (except tracks 3 & 5)
Craig Kahn: drums


Ted Price, Brian Chapman, Alfonso Rodenas, Marc Ceccotti, Joee Corso, Issei Takami ,Shin Ichikawa, Dudley Taft, Thierry Payssan, Bill Polits, Aquiles Magaña, Carl Weingarten, Walter Whitney, David Udell, Barry Cleveland, Paul Richards, Lucio Calegari, German Vergara, Juan Pablo, Alvarez Ortega Bianchi, Jim Crawford, and Frederic L’Epee

Additional Credits:

All music composed, produced, mixed & mastered by Gayle Ellett Album cover photography by Carl Weingarten
Recorded between April 2022 & August 2023 in Topanga, CA., and Arlington, TX., and at numerous studios throughout the world.

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