October 6, 2013

T.A.P and Melodic Revolution are thrilled to announce that Paradigms the debut album by T.A.P is now officially available to purchase and stream worldwide, the band has thus far released two singles and videos the first being The Progbient on July 15, and the second single and video Terminus was released on September 8, both have gained international fan and media attention.

Featuring members of Djam Karet, The Muffins, Herd of Instinct, Fearful Symmetry, Head Joint, and Gayle Ellett & the Electromags.

1. Infinite Names
2. The Progbient
3. Initiate Protocol 7
4. Signal Transactions
5. Silence From The Storm
6. The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz
7. Terminus

(Bonus Track)
8. Silence From The Storm (HOI Mix)

Total Running Time: 61 Minutes

T.A.P are:
Mike Jobborn – keyboards, synth, soundscapes, drum programming
Mark Cook – Warr guitar, guitars, basses, drums, soundscapes, synths, samples, strings
Suzi James – guitars, basses, oud, flute, random percussion
Gayle Ellett – keyboards – Hammond, Moog, mellotron, (tracks 1,2,4,7,8)
Paul Sears – drums, percussion (track 5)
Bill Bachman – drums (track 8)

Additional Credit:
Music composed by T.A.P
Recorded in: Canada, USA, UK
CD Production Gayle Ellett
Mixed/Mastered: Mark Cook
Album art by: Mark Cook

T.A.P Europe

T.A.P North America 

T.A.P is a studio-based musical collaboration with the aim of producing an instrumental fusion of ambient sounds with elements sourced from genres including, but not limited to,
progressive rock, blues, jazz, psychedelic, and ethnic influences.

May Appeal to listeners of:
Arch Echo, Jeffrey Erik Mack, Regressor, StarSystem


If you like the instrumental corner of the PROG universe, you‘ll love Paradigms. A neat piece of work!”
Larne Peters – ProgAlley.eu

“A progressive experimental collection of music that has thrown out the formula book to give way to free-form moods, mental atmospheres, and innovative sound design. Definitely something to enjoy in its entirety. Digging it!”
– Simon Collins (‘Sound Of Contact’, ‘eMOLECULE’ )

“Very spacey and old school but right up my alley!”
Alan Baillargeon – NewEARS Prog Show

“What I have heard of your album so far sounds fkn amazing. Totally unique. Can’t say it sounds like anyone cause
it does not” – Chris Gill (Band of Rain)

Very slick and sophisticated throughout… Sorta Fusion/Prog World music melting pot
– Robert Ancell 

If you appreciate music that seeks to break boundaries, tell stories without words, has sublime musicianship, and encourages the listener to immerse themselves in a collective’s vision and art, then you should get this. A genuine highlight of 2023.
– Steve Lazenby -Lazland

May Appeal to listeners of:
Arch Echo, Jeffrey Erik Mack, Regressor, StarSystem

Canada, USA, UK. 

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