Prey for Sunday is a modern hard rock band that stirs up thoughts of Chris Cornell, Shinedown, and 3 Days Grace, and many other well known artists in this genre. Prey for Sunday is a combination of highly melodic, and dynamic song writing. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA Prey For Sunday formed in 2018 by singer Tony Persico, and Ex-Takara Guitarist Neal Grusky.

Neal and Tony worked with Producer/Songwriter Peter Strzelecki to write and record the first Prey For Sunday album. Realizing the immediate chemistry they shared a vision; a need to create a unique, memorable sound that would go on to become Prey for Sunday – Music that’s made to stand the test of time. They pride themselves in creating musically dynamic songs, with meaningful, melodic, and “like it is” lyrical content.

Tony and Neal proceeded to release their 5 song EP in 2021/2022. This EP featured Prey For Sunday’s first two highly successful singles/videos for the songs “Dont Let It End”, and “Broken Hearted Man”.

The band has now released their 3rd single “Tattoo Man”. Along with their producer Peter StrezeleckiPrey For Sunday believe this song will be their breakout hit. “There has been nothing like this song that has had such a profound impact on us thus far.”

WATCH the Official Music Video for “Tattoo Man”

Prey For Sunday’s new single “Tattoo Man” released on all digital platforms on May 10th 2023.

The collective members of “Prey For Sunday” have been involved in bands that have released over 7 albums worldwide, participated in world tours, received extensive radio play, magazine exposure, and featured in three books. As well as having sold CD’s, and music streams that have exceeded over 100,000 plays/streams thus far.

Prey For Sunday works as a band that dedicates themselves to their fans and the pursuit of meaningful successful songs, With music and songwriting as one of its strongest assets, the band continues to improve, evolve, and commit themselves to the music that moves weary hearts.

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