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We are thrilled to announce the signing of US Rock artist Atom Stone to the Melodic Revolution Records family.  Melodic Revolution Records is a family of bands and artists; today we are thrilled to announce the signing of US Rock artist Atom Stone, the newest member of our family..

We’ve known Atom since 2011 when Nick was a DJ on an independent internet radio station. Nick would spin music for a few hours a week; over the years building friendships along the way. This is where it began with Atom and Nick, speaking together and hoping that it would turn into a project they could both be involved in. According to Nick, “ in early 2020 Atom pitched me an idea of him recording and releasing a melodic rock album with MRR, this piqued my interest as I am a big fan of the genre. Over the next few years, through a pandemic no less, he would send me pieces of tracks from what would become the forthcoming release “Take Me to The Fire”. I am very excited about this album; music with classic hooks, a modern feel and energy reminiscent of youth that is eternal”; said Nick Katona of Melodic Revolution Records.

In a statement by Atom Stone
I’ve been searching for the right label to represent me and my music. A label that I can trust with my vision as an artist and that believes in me and my vision creatively. Also a label that will not only stand behind me as an artist and an individual but a label that will help me to grow, a label that will help to define me and what the musical culture of my art stands for. Finally after years of very close friendship and counsel from two exceptionally talented, incredible, and phenomenally passionate individuals Nick and Jennifer Katona. Its without further ado, that I am very humbled and honored to announce that I have signed with Melodic Revolution Records! I am incredibly and sincerely honored to be part of the Melodic Revolution Records Family, and I look forward to the future of my career as well as this label, and the amazing synergy that we will create together!

Artwork by Ed Unitski

Take Me To The Fire is a eleven track album that will be released in most popular formats, including LP, CD, Digital & Streaming, were anticipating an early 2023 fall releases. Highly recommended if you like Hardline, Journey, Jadded Heart, Treat, Fair Warning, Unruly Child and Harem Scarem

The first release from the album will be a lyrical video for the single Hell on Wheels with a single to follow.

Atom Stone (KRYR, Voyager, Metallic Green) hails from New York , a vocalist who started his musical journey as a woodwind player at the tender age of seven. He began playing the clarinet and saxophone, quickly advancing to Bass and Alto Clarinet within a few years. Continuing his exploration of musical instruments Atom has worked hard at becoming a skilled guitarist.

Atom founded KRYR in the mid-2000’s, releasing his first album, The Road to Me, in 2010. Mixed reviews and band lineup changes pushed Atom into exploring new musical directions, resulting in the current mainstream melodic rock vein of this new band and album.

Atom is working with veteran producer Dan Tracey (Alan Parsons Live Project), Nick Sturms (Nashville Songwriter/Producer) and Veteran Dave Albro (Grammy Nominated Engineer) on the new album “Take Me To The Fire”. This project provides soaring vocal aptitude with memorable hooks from this spectacular vocalist. Atom has been said to have a vocal style and sound that is a mix of Steve Perry, Joe Elliott and Lou Gramm.

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