Brett Davis, the founder/vocalist/guitarist of the band Fire of Aries, released the official music video for his re-imagined version of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”. Brett’s version, produced by Cameron Mizzell, can be described as heavy and melodic, while still being recognizable.

WATCH Fire of Aries – Kiss from a Rose (Official Music Video) by clicking on the image below.

“The decision to create a rendition of ‘Kiss from a Rose’ dates back to 1995 when Batman Forever was released. I was just a kid then; I don’t even think I had a guitar. That song stuck with me. It was cinematic, emotional and catchy for its time. I gravitate to songs that tell a story or paint a scene in our imaginations. ‘Kiss from a Rose’ is also a bit cryptic and mysterious, which intrigues me. Fast-forward to 2023, I felt like it was the right time to release the song; at least it was in the running. I made the decision to step up to the big leagues and have Cameron Mizzell, a producer of several bands and artists that have influenced my music style and sound. I gave him a short list of songs I wanted to cover; he quickly gravitated to take on ‘Kiss from a Rose.’ I told him that our version had to be a significant departure but retain the framework of the original so you’d know what song it was when you heard it. He delivered and I had my ideas on what we could do to make it heavy and melodic, but Cam completely blew me away with the team he assembled to create this version. This rendition will always be unique to me as it’s my way of immersing myself fully in the music industry and seeing what I can make of it. I have a passion for entertaining and helping people through life. That’s what music has done for me. I want to return the favor many bands and artists have afforded me with their music over the years. I will keep this flame lit for as long as I can to pursue creating heavy, cinematic and melodic music. I would love for this song to be featured in a future release of a Batman movie; maybe a dark and gritty one would fit perfectly. Only time will tell. I am optimistic that music fans will dig it. I look forward to performing it live and loud and hearing the crowd singing it with me,” says Brett Davis.

Fire of Aries has been smoldering for the last 20 years and has reached the temperature where it has become combustible. In 2001, Brett Davis, the band’s founder, began his journey to become an accomplished musician and artist in the Rock and Metal genres. The inspiration started from the early years of Creed, where Brett found his true passion for guitar and songwriting through watching Mark Tremonti release hit after hit and riff after riff.As time progressed, Brett jammed with friends from high school, then joined an established band, August Ending/Burning Yesterday, where he recorded tracks for the first time with well-known producer Travis Wyrick (Pillar, 10 Years, Disciple). From that point, he became more influenced by music from American and European metal bands, which brought him to where he is today with Fire of Aries.Fire of Aries has a rhythmic, melodic, thrashy and percussive sound and feel, influenced heavily by bands like: Sevendust, In Flames, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot,Killswitch Engage, Trivium and Memphis May Fire, to name a few. Brett’s guitar and songwriter influences come from Andy James, Mark Tremonti, Chad Kroger, James Hetfield and Clint Lowrey. According to Brett Davis, “I want my influences of Rock, Metal and Country music to converge into a beautiful, chaotic harmony,” he adds. “Fire of Aries is a musical experience with grit and weight to it.” He says, “Through the songs I release, I want the ‘real men,’ ‘the badasses’ and ‘the gangsters’ to let down their guard, feel, experience and express their raw feelings again. In my generation and before, we were taught that boys don’t cry and that we must be tough, strong and resilient in our lives; this leaves very little room to feel a plethora of other innate emotions as humans.” He adds, “I want to create music with emotion, experience and substance. I envision each song as a screenplay of micro experiences or enlightenment in our lives.” Brett references the screenplay idea as he has been an avid cinematographer for over a decade. Fire of Ariesis currently writing and recording music through 2023 and plans to embark on a tour in 2024, supporting bands and artists that have influenced the sound and the story.

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