This morning, Kenzie Cait released “what i do best”, a gentle song about a failed relationship and the feelings of remorse that come with it. Kenzie’s pairing of fierce melodies and powerful lyrics walk listeners through the coping process and realization that one may be accountable for their actions in a messy break-up. Kenzie’s newest single elaborates on the process of dealing with those guilty feelings. Actions like blocking an ex’s number or realizing that you miss their family are big milestones in the healing process.

Kenzie details that the song is about “being the one who messes up, and the guilt that comes along with it. It’s about regretting what you threw away, and the messy, complicated, shameful part of relationships: the part we usually want to block out rather than open up about.”

Listen to “what i do best” here, available on all streaming platforms.

Released alongside “what i do best” is Kenzie Cait’s accompanying music video, which premiered on her YouTube channel this morning. In the video, Kenzie is processing her thoughts about her recent break-up in “what i do best.” She’s seen singing in various settings as she comes to terms with her past relationship.

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About Kenzie Cait

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kenzie Cait makes the kind of music that prompts the listener to think, “How did she put what I’m feeling into words?” 

As a guitarist and writer who was told she began humming melodies before she could speak, music is truly embedded into Kenzie Cait’s DNA. With more and more people clamoring for music in the vein of Lizzy McAlpine, Olivia Rodrigo, and the blueprint of Taylor Swift, Kenzie has arrived just in time.

Her highly anticipated new single, “that girl,” was teased on social media and met with immediate excitement. She’s an artist who wants to reach people with her music however she can, whether it be through live shows or social media, and is making waves with recordings like the dreamy, urgent, and deeply honest “that girl” in the meantime. Even if she’s reaching people one listener at a time, she’s ready to change hearts — and lives — with her music. Above all, Kenzie Cait wants people to feel heard.

Kenzie Cait makes music to be shared, whether in the form of a live concert or a friend DMing a streaming link. Her music has a communal sense of understanding to it, paramount to Kenzie’s vision for her artistry going forward. She’s a fan’s fan through and through; she herself has spent her life loving those who inspire her. Now, she’s ready to step into the spotlight herself.