This single marks a return to original music for Corey Cross for the first time in more then twenty years, and here he has been joined by Anton Harris (drums), Phil Doublet (ukelele, steel guitar), and Greg Mannering (bass, backing vocals). It took me a while to think who this reminded me of, but then it came to me, The Peppercorns, a British band who released an album back in the 90’s (Brothers) who had a very similar style. It contains elements of Americana and Country combined with a singer/songwriter who has vocals with some wonderful gravel. While the main approach is quite simplistic in its directness, there is a lot going on with the steel and the ukulele to ensure there are plenty of touches which ensure it repays repeated listenings. There are also some really nice bass flourishes, but not too many, just enough to show a wonderful sense of melody.

The arrangement is geared to keep the vocals front and centre at all times, and rightly so as Corey comes across as a mix between Steve Earle and Jimmy Barnes. The short unaccompanied harmony vocal section is in just the right place, lifting the song after the bridge, and one can imagine the chorus being a singalong at gigs. Hopefully this is the first in a lot more music from Goodcorz

7/10 Kev Rowland