Carly Pearl released her new single, “Head in the Clouds” today. Carly’s inspiring new single is all about rolling with the waves that life sends, embracing change, and appreciating the decisions that brought her to now.

There’s something about the sexy, ethereal, explosive chorus of Head in the Clouds that takes its listeners to new heights. Fusing elements of soul, hip-hop, and R&B, Carly shares her journey to liberation and invites listeners to come along for the ride, highlighting themes of freedom, diving into the unknown, and keeping one’s head up along the way.

Although change can be a scary thing, Carly encourages her listeners to embrace it. “It’s important to face change head-on and trust in yourself,” Pearl says. Don’t get caught up in the details and change that rule over life, because things will work out. Sometimes the scariest endeavors are gates to life-changing opportunities.

Listen to “Head in the Clouds” here, available on all streaming platforms.

Released alongside “Head in the Clouds” is Carly’s accompanying music video, which premiered this morning on her YouTube channel. In the video, Carly is navigating through the city and reflecting on her outlook on life. As Carly drives around the city in a red Dodge Challenger, it’s apparent that she takes life with ‘the waves’ and remembers to live carefree, enjoying the voyage and its individual moments.

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About Carly Pearl

Carly Pearl is no stranger to performing — now, though, she’s truly taking center stage. With an extensive background in theater, acting, and music, including fronting the national touring act The Scruffy Pearls, the New York-based artist is a successful multi-hyphenate who understands what it truly means to be a performer. She’s using her technical background to propel herself to the next level, and this era is one in which she’s fully taken control of her narrative.

With vocals that recall Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray, Carly Pearl captures the listener’s attention from the first notes of a track. Her heartfelt, thoughtful lyrics subvert expectations through a jazzy, sometimes hip-hop inspired lens.

As a writer, she feels that the lyrics to her songs have always been stored inside of her, and she is finally letting them come out. Carly Pearl is falling in love with herself right now, and listeners are falling in love with her and her story, too. After years in her career spent playing a part, she’s now the one running the show.