The lead single from the upcoming album, “The Age of Misinformation” featuring @Big Wy’s Brass Band.

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The Aaron Clift Experiment is a dynamic progressive rock band based in Austin, Texas. The band’s multi-faceted sound blends influences from classic rock (Rush, Pink Floyd, King Crimson), modern rock (Porcupine Tree, Opeth), jazz, and classical – all anchored by a dedication to high-quality songwriting and musicianship.

Formed in 2012 as the solo project of Aaron Clift, the band has since blossomed into a powerful live group enriched by the extensive musical background of its members. The soaring vocals of classically-trained singer and keyboardist, Aaron Clift, are grounded by the powerhouse guitar of Anthony Basini and rhythm section of Clif Warren (bass) and Pablo Ranlett-López (drums, percussion).

In the last few years, the band has carved out a significant worldwide following. The Aaron Clift Experiment’s last album, 2018’s “If All Goes Wrong,” was a critically-acclaimed progressive rock achievement, landing on several year-end best album lists. In 2017, the band had a star-making performance at RosFest, one of the largest progressive rock festivals in the world, and followed it up with an impressive outing at 2018 at Chicago’s Progtoberfest, and in 2019 with a hometown concert that was recorded for the band’s second live EP, “Live at One- 2-One Bar.”

The Aaron Clift Experiment continues to move its dynamic sound forward in its latest release, “The Age of Misinformation” – a conceptual work about the destructive power of lies and the search for truth in the face of overwhelming odds.


  1. The Age of Misinformation
  2. L.I.A.R.
  3. Bet on Zero – ft. Big Wy’s Brass Band
  4. Dark Secrets
  5. Rise
  6. The Color of Flight
  7. Málaga
  8. Weight of the World

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