Los Angeles-based, avant-garde metal musician Draagyn will release her first EP, Bent Rib, on August 26th.

Draagyn is unlike anything I’ve heard before, and nearly impossible to categorize into a specific genre. She’s a solo songwriter, fearlessly creating on her own terms and pushing boundaries of heavy music in an industry historically dominated by men, without the need for permission or validation.

Draagyn is inspired by the trickster Askeladden from Norwegian folk talks whose root name is “one who blows on the embers to enliven the fire.” She is a creator, a destroyer, a seducer, and a gatekeeper. She shows people that nothing is fixed; the sacred and the profane, the funny and the serious, are the twin faces of the cosmos. She provides opportunities for conflict. This brings about a balanced world. 

If you’re a fan of musicians/acts like Julie Christmas, Alcest, Boris, or Cult of Luna I think you’ll be into it. Her music is ominous, both light and dark at the same time. Ethereal passages give way to blackened riffs and blood-curdling vocals in an unpredictable, musical gamut. Her alluring music has the artistry and peculiarity to appeal to a large swath of heavy music fans. This is a taste of what’s to come from her eventual full-length record.

From her previous releases, Draagyn has been coined a “genre-bending blackened tour de force” by Decibel and Brooklyn Vegan. As songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Draagyn’s sound straddles the spectrum of light and dark, bridging the delicate emotions of our human existence with the raw force of metal and rock in a truly singular style. Her songwriting guides those other musical outliers and outlaws onward into their masochistic darkness, and yet, in stark contrast, just as quietly whispers to the wretched and heartbroken, offering refuge in her delicate melodies. And while the foundations of Draagyn’s music remain rooted in rock, she does as she pleases. She may choke it with blast beats, crush it with proggy groove, or drown it in folky, pensive vocals. But the recipe works. The deep musicality of her approach is undeniable, and for those both patient and brave, her songs lure listeners to another world, free of expectations and genre constraint. Draagyn threatens us with her tumultuous vision of death and musical rebirth.

Band/Artist: Draagyn
Place of Origin: Los Angeles, CA
EP Title: Bent Rib
EP Release Date: August 26, 2022
Record Label: Self-Release
Genre: Experimental Alternative Metal
For Fans of Julie Chrismas/Made Out Of Babies, Alcest, Opeth, Boris, Cult of Luna, Les Discrets, Deftones
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