Time’s Forgotten, the Costa Rican progressive metal band, to present their latest record “Shelter”, live. Produced before and during the pandemic, their fourth studio album, released under the American label Melodic Revolution, brings us a modern and fresh progressive sound, where they mix classic prog, metal, djent, and post-rock. 

The band also replaced their former singer Francisco Longhi, and now is a female-fronted band with Priscilla Ruiz, who brings power and more dynamics to their sound. At this release concert, the band will be playing “Shelter” in its entirety plus a second set from the rest of their catalog. The concert will have the support of a first-class technical team, headed by The Usual Suspects, and RSTV, producers of concert content and equipment for some of the biggest Latin American acts. The support act will be the young band “Lioth” who brings a very interesting instrumental prog to the venue that will certainly make the night even more special. 

Tickets will be available for reservation and purchase (to be fulfilled on the day of the event) at: 

Venue: Club Pepper, Zapote 
Date: Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 Time: 8 pm

In Related News.

Time’s Forgotten, releases the live version of “Walking Towards the Sun” a song from their first record from 2006 “A Relative Moment of Peace”. Filmed for their streaming concert “Phases” last November.

The band has chosen to release an all-time favorite song but presented in an updated version with their new vocalist Priscilla Ruiz. It’s certainly a love letter to the band’s history but also shows that they are coming out of the pandemic with all guns blazing.

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