The Steve Bonino Project has returned with its third album and the first new release in three years. This is not a follow-up to the highly acclaimed album Stargazer 2, in fact, Stargazer 3 is in the works at this very moment.

The new Album “Pandora” is a concept album inspired by Nick Katona the owner of Melodic Revolution Records says, Steve Bonino. 

The opening track Eva Prima Pandora was released as a single for the Troubleshooting Pandora’s Box series on January 14th, 2022 which was inspired by the mythology of a painting by Jean Cousin dated 1550.

The author creates a curious symbiosis between a painting with a mythological theme and a painting with a religious theme.
The work is identified by a poster that relates the mythological character of Pandora, the first woman and the origin of the evils of the human race according to Greek mythology, with the biblical Eve, also a participant in the fall of the human race into sin.

In the painting are the symbols of the skull, alluding to the death related to the protagonist, the serpent entangled in the left arm, which recalls the biblical story of the serpent’s deception of Eve in Paradise, the branch of the apple tree reminiscent of the forbidden fruit and the jug that points to Pandora’s box from which the evils of humanity emerged.

Since early Christian art was developed, the Greek myth was related to the biblical account of Genesis as both women, Eva and Pandora, symbols of curiosity and responsibility in the fall of the human being.

Pandora Tracklisting
1. Eva Prima Pandora 04:48
2. The Three Fates 03:44 
3. Where Did Evil Come From 04:32
4. My Name Is Pandora (featuring Shimmer Johnson) 03:30
5. The Pipes Of Pan 02:43
6. To Pandora 04:38
7. Origin Story 04:02
8. Do You Believe 03:43
9. Mythos 01:53
10. Lucky Day 02:55
11. Of Gods And Men 03:10 

Steve Bonino: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, and Drum Programming 
Shimmer Johnson: Vocals (Track 4) 
Erik Johnson: Guitar (Track 8) C.C. White (East/West Voices of Soul) Femail Vocals (Tracks 1, 3, 7, 8, & 11)


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