Transport Aerian is to release a new music video for the new song Latgalian Gothic, in cooperation with FD Films, who made the videos for Transport Aerian’s previous two singles, Big Heart and Falling 20. The music video is to premiere on the Melodic Revolution Records YouTube channel on June 8th, 2022. 10:00 AM EST

Hamlet’s statement: Latgalian Gothic is one of the central pieces of Skywound – both thematically and lyrically. For a concept album whose themes deal with the tragedy of personal life lost in the global dehumanization, in a world rushing towards the brink of catastrophe, the perspective of intimate, inner feelings is vital.

This song is based on the short poem, which Hamlet wrote in the hotel, spending the night in a small, half-deserted town in Latgalia, a region of Latvia, which is known for its echoes of Soviet architecture (referred to sarcastically as Latgalian Gothic – hence the song’s title), and haunted with the atmosphere of slowed down, encircled within itself a time of the epoch long passed by – a real-life metaphor of calmness before the storm, and a linking missing piece to fill in between the two otherwise strongly tabooed topics of contemporary independent music: politics and religion, which are the red-line themes of Skywound.

The music video portrays a short story, as per the vision of the filming crew and the actress – expanding the lyrical horizons and themes of the original song, and filmed in Latvia – the country that inspired – if that would be an appropriate wording – the lyrics for this song.

We hope you will immerse yourself in watching it as much as we immersed ourselves in making it! – Hamlet


FD Films: Camera, Montage, and Post-Production.
Laika Production: Script Writer, On-Set Director. Marianna Urvanceva: Acting, Make Up.

Nikolay Kevish: Logistics Manager, Production Assistant. Arin Lighter: Production Assistant.

Music and lyrics by Hamlet.

Transport Aerian is:
Stefan Boeykens guitars
Umut Eldem keyboards
Paul De Smet drums and violins
Hamlet vocals, bass guitar, programming 

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