To my mind this single is long overdue, as I have been lucky enough to catch these guys play live a few times this year and they always put on an amazing show. Comprising Cameron Owens (guitars), Ruaidri Keens (guitars), Matt Hammond (bass) and James Trimmer (drums) they are one of those very rare breeds, a hard-hitting metal act with no need for a singer. The band was formed by Cameron Owens and James Trimmer performing as a two-piece in the early days before Ruaidri joined in on guitar. The album was recorded in in Dolphin Music Studios, with Matt Hammond working to record, mix and master the results, and as the band were missing a bassist he offered his services. He may need to check who is coming into the studio in the future as that is how he ended up in {On Tick} as well!

This single is a great summary of what the band is about, as what we have here is a metal act who bring in djent, mathcore and progressive, all into a form where the arrangements are hugely complex. Whereas one might imagine that this is all about the guitars, which of course it is to a large extent due to the interplay between then, both James and Matt also approach their instruments as if they are the lead. Away from the band, James is one of the most mild-mannered guys you would ever wish to meet, but put him behind a kit and he turns into his alter ego (the last time I saw him he played the full set wearing a massive bejewelled lizard’s head), and hits the drums incredibly hard. He and Matt often switch roles in this song, so whenever one of them is taking a more active role then the other sits back in the pocket, providing the support for the other three. This has a huge note density with complex time signatures and music that never has time to take a rest. They are a great live band, and here they show exactly what they can do in the studio as well. I can’t wait for the album.
8/10 Kev Rowland