It’s been said that music is dead, not sure who said it and why, but they’re wrong. There is plenty of great music being released annually. So much so, that if you stopped listening to everything prior to last year, it would take you years to hear everything released in 2021. That makes it all the harder to handpick the cream of the crop for a best-of list, and everyone has their way of claiming the best of the best, so what it boils down to is taste.

How I rate the albums.

  1. First and foremost the album art, a good album cover will draw will peak my interest and draw me in, just like the cover of a good book. Granted I have heard some great pieces of music with horrible album art, but that is not the norm.
  2. The music and why not… this is why I am here to enjoy the music.
  3. Instrumentation which includes the vocals, yes the vocals are often over looked as a quality instrument.
  4. Lyrics/message can make or break a great album if executed properly, yes great lyrics are so improtant weither its catchy or conceptitual .
  5. Finally, the execution of the recording, production, mixing and mastering.

I hope you enjoyed my 21 album salute for my favorite albums of 2021

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-The Rezident