Art by Medu1a

Our new single is out! It’s called “Megalomania”, and it has been released through Presagio Records on all digital platforms. This is the third single from our new studio album, which will be released during the next few months.
“Megalomania” was influenced by the heaviness of Animals as Leaders and the electronic sound of Richard Spaven and the last few albums by Muse. German, our guitarist, says, “It is an ode to darkness and the nostalgia for what was left behind and the internal force that pushes you forward.” The lyrics are inspired by “the use of pleasure to cover pain. It is like saying that beauty will drag you down, will take your soul, will heal your wound”, explains German. 
The track was recorded at Estudio del Sur, produced by Angelo Marini and Germán Vergara, mixed by Pepe Lastarria (Kuervos del Sur, Nunca Seremos Dichosos) and mastered by American engineer Randy Merrill (Muse, Paul McCartney, Beck, Liam Gallagher). “Megalomania” is the third single from our new studio album, after the release of “Fast”, which came out on June 4, and “Disobedience”, released on July 15.

Watch the video here

The video was directed by renowned Chilean filmmaker Bernardo Quesney (Gianluca, Dënver, Gepe) and the script was written by German. “The clip is about a polyamorous relationship that comes to an end. The characters deal with this break-up in a compulsive way, trying to fill the void in multiple sexual relationships with other people,” our guitarist and producer. “The video also is about intolerance with other ways of life, violence against sexual minorities and alternative views of life. It’s a story of true love with an unhappy ending”.

We are currently finishing our fifth studio album, where we have left behind the concept and sound of “Hawaii” (2016) to open up to a more direct and powerful sound influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree, Rush, and Animals As Leaders. We are really excited about this new era we are starting!