Not that you asked for it, but having stepped through the door, and surveyed the landscape, I have no choice but to populate the scene with eccentric visual responses. 
The Blue Door / A Response To Being Alive At This Time In This Place

Forgive me for suddenly appearing out of the Blue with the big fanfare, but here we go. I have just finished an album of songs and tunes that have come of out the experience we have all been through, cut off from so much that is nurturing and needful. I don’t mean to say that I have written songs about the pandemic, far from it, just responses really and because of the nature of this beast, interior journeys, and memories. I am not sure if it’s the most personal work I have done, but it feels like a summation of certain things to me, and at this time, I am not certain I will do anything like this again. That may sound a bit dramatic and self-indulgent, indeed you may feel this whole thing is exactly that, depending on what you like to listen to as well. I have no idea if this is your ‘cup of tea’, but I am sending it on to you in the hope that you will like some of it, bits of it, none of it, who knows. It’s the best I have to offer, that’s the only thing I know for sure. The debt I owe to the players on the album is incalculable, they took whatever scrawny musical visions I had and made them fly with ease and grace into a whole new sonic stratosphere I couldn’t have imagined. This I believe is a strange gift, as, without the lockdown of the pandemic, certain players would not have been available, at least it all would have taken a lot longer to accomplish and the emotional drive of this whole business would have been very different. As Kevin Laliberte the producer said to me, it was ‘the silver lining in the covid cloud’.

Violinist Sari Alesh is a refugee from Syria, his contributions added a new enticing layer to my songs. I am thrilled to have him on the album. I love the eastern tonality and emotion he brings to the mix of influences.

Drew Birston is a masterful player on acoustic and electric fretless bass and a great composer. His emotional responses to the songs were always pitch-perfect. He is well known for his bass playing with the Sultans Of String.

Wayne Kozak is a brilliant soloist on all the saxophones. An old and dear friend, I always love to have Wayne’s signature sound in my music. His solo on I Dream U is perfection to my ears.

Kevin Laliberte, guitarist, and composer, a founding member of the Sultans Of String, produced the album and gave it a wide sonic beauty and sound design that amazes me with every listen. I love hearing his gut-string guitar on the last piece, Long Tailed Flight. It seems right that he should have the final melodic ‘say’ as it were.

A very special thanks to Terry Findlay for his lyric to The Turning Of The Glass. This was the last song I composed for the album and Terry’s words took me to just the right place to bring the suite of songs to a satisfying emotional conclusion.

I think of The Blue Door as one long song, written at This Time in This Place.


My Muse And I (Overture) 3:05
Two Houses 2:42
Going North 4:01
The Blue Door 5:12
The Path Not Taken 2:36
Winter Snow 4:33
Mirage 2:05
The Turning Of The Glass 6:08
I Dream of You 5:33
Long Tailed Flight 7:50

Blue Door Sessions

Martin Springett
Kevin Laliberte 
Sari Alesh
Drew Briston
Wayne Kozak

Format: CD & Digital
Catalog Number: MRRCD 22207 
Label: Melodic Revolution Records

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