“El Concepto Es Irreal” is now available via all digtal platforms and can also be purchased Amazon, Bandcamp & iTunes +

The new song 

was composed and produced by Jack Dimensions; a track that invites you to run throughout an ode to nostalgia and the remembrance of unforgettable moments.

The track features Pablo Sebastián Marino, renowned composer, educator and guitar player from Mar del Plata. Jack and Pablo joined forces to pay tribute to Providencia Ramos. The first segment was composed by Marino, and its intricate melodies narrate a birth, a cry and a meeting with their roots. 

The piece organically flows through the various seasons of life, its emotions and processes, its losses and its victories. Amongst piano and bandoneon melodies, this song takes us back a nostalgic Mar del Plata of yore, its cold winters and the warmth of the afternoon snacks with our grandparents; the transition from the simplicity of childhood, the evocation of innocence, to memories of playing ball in the sidewalk, our old neighbors, mud everywhere and the cold, chapped lips whose pain fades through laughter, not the passage of time.

You’ll find yourself in a journey shaken by sensory images. Doesn’t matter where you listen to it nor the state of mind you are; this song was made to embrace the coldest and warmest bits of endearment, and finally understanding that life is a song, a smile, a cry, and an ocean of anecdotes.-

● Pablo Sebastián Marino: nylon guitars. 
● Jack Dimensions: piano, keyboards, Hammond organ and programming. 

Recorded at Teotetalandia and Ombligo con Pelusa Records, Mar del Plata, Argentina 
Mixed and mastered by Andres Guazzelli at REDRUM, Mar del Plata, Argentina. 
Artwork by Jack Dimensions.

Produced by Jack

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