Today, Rachel Grae (18) released her newest single “Lived It Twice”, which started as a TikTok experiment gone viral! The song was born from a simple quote that Rachel transformed into an anthem for battling overthinking. 

“It was inspired by advice that my manager gave me when I was incredibly anxious about something that hadn’t even happened yet. Quoting Michael J. Fox from years earlier, my manager said ‘If you worry about something and then it happens, you’ll have lived it twice.’ After hearing that, my whole mindset changed! It was the first thing I’d heard that actually stopped me from overthinking a situation before it happened. I decided to write this song because I felt a lot of people had to hear this message as well.”

“Lived It Twice” follows Grae’s debut single “Bad Timing”, for which she graced the largest billboard in Times’ Square in partnership with both Spotify and Little Kids Rock and garnered substantial attention from an ever-growing Gen Z fanbase that has come to love for her relatability and her dynamic voice. Produced and co-written by Adam Yaron (Pretty Little Liars, PlayStation, and NBA), the song is a second journal entry that explores themes of rejection and heartbreak.

Listen to ‘Lived It Twice’ here:

Growing from a viral TikTok embraced by her suddenly substantial follower base (whom she enchanted in mere months since launching her career), Rachel’s newest single also graces the same Times Square billboard — this time alongside Unis Footwear and renowned Chef and Restaurateur David Burke.

Premiering on YouTube alongside the single’s release, the “Lived It Twice” music video portrays a clever narrative of Rachel facing parallel versions of herself living out the daily anxious thoughts in her head. Inspired by the song’s poignant lyrics, Rachel delivers powerhouse vocals that can empower any chronic overthinker in “Lived It Twice”. 

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About Rachel Grae: 

Growing up in the outskirts of New York City, Rachel Grae dissected music like an archeologist — turning over melodies to figure out what elevated a catchy song to an unforgettable one, and studying the characteristics of lyrics that unraveled like poetry. When she started writing her own music she set her intention with clarity. Brimming with wide-eyed, post-adolescent curiosity and filtered through a keen sense of maturity, Grae embraces imperfection as a means to investigate vulnerability in all its forms.

Wielding an unmistakably dynamic voice that’s warm and enveloping, her range is reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson or Demi Lovato. Paired with an ear for bouncy pop that’s rich with inviting earworms, she writes songs that are built for all emotional seasons. It’s this innate ability to connect with an audience that’s built a substantial and rapidly growing TikTok following of devoted fans who have turned her platform into a form of group therapy.

Uniquely, when Rachel Grae yearns to learn more about the world around her, she looks inwardly — reflecting on her past missteps and epiphanies to inform her next move. Her goal is clear: constructing songs that confront universal emotions as a compassionate act; making music that works on herself means that listeners start halfway to the finish line.