“We wanted it to sound like it could have been recorded in a kitchen party on a fishing trawler off the coast of Newfoundland,” asserts BRT frontman and songwriter, Collen.

“The point of releasing this song is to remind ourselves of the raw, unhinged passion for music we share, even after all these years.”

BRT is officially out of the woodwork and working on an aggressive recording schedule with seasoned veterans of the Canadiana genre. They are ready to set sail with this evocative, unrelenting track that will no doubt stir up discussion about the commanding vision of one of Canada’s hidden (until recently) gems of the music world. 

“We know it’s not flawless – we worked tirelessly with our team through late nights to create an atmosphere with this recording that rides those swelling dark blue waves of the Atlantic,” affirms Collen, “but it’s not going to make you seasick.”

For this release, BRT teamed up with Toronto producer from Collen’s Xstereo days, Bryant Didier of Toronto to edit and chart the first mix then joined up with Juno Award and Polaris Prize Winning producer, Michael Phillip Wojewoda to do the final mix, spit and polish.

“For all of its visceral intensity, hanging-on-the-edge feel of that acoustic…it is what truly drives the song – let its freak flag fly! The song sounds ragged and kinda risky. Like a messy painting.” – M.P.