PeacockSunrise Records is thrilled to announce that Blake Carpenter has released his latest single ‘Heads Up’ today, it’s the fifth single from the upcoming album Concrete Jungle due out later this year. Blake combines beautiful melodies with brilliant hooks and weaving in lyrics that reflect what is happening all around us.

Watch Heads Up Here

About The Song

Heads Up people, get your eyes and brains out of your smart devices and look around you. Things are happening, things that will effect your future, your child’s future and beyond. There is a real world out there that needs your love and attention or it will swallow you up. It is not only the planet that needs our help, people need people and people need love so turn off that device and talk to someone you know, someone you don’t know, anyone, we will all listen and embrace you for the human you are.

Listen, Love, Buy, Share.

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