Melodic Revolution Records is thrilled to announce that we will be releasing the long-awaited solo album by Scarlet Hollow bassist and composer Jeffrey Erik Mack. The album will be released on CD, and in both 16-bit and 24-bit Hi-Res digital, When you think of Progressive Rock music you might imagine overambitious chord progressions, pompous synthesizer noodling, and long, endless musical phrases that never seem to end. But, think again. Jeffrey Erik Mack’s music is much deeper than that. In fact, it is the epitome of Prog with poetic storytelling through the medium of instrumental music.

1. The Circus Parable
2. Sailing the Cosmic Ocean 
3. The Witch of Pendle Forest 
4. Empire of the Elf
5. Concerto No. 2 in B minor, III Allegro (In Memory of Rinat Ibragimov)
6 Architect of Existence 
7. A Farewell to a King (In Memory of Neil Peart)
8. Dark Night of the Soul

The Band
Jeffrey Erik Mack – Bass Guitar, Keyboards, & Bass pedal Synths
Brett Stine – Guitar
Gregg Olson – Guitar
Kristian Terzic – Synth and Piano
Justin Lepard – Cello
Justin Klunk – Tenor Sax

About Jeffrey Erik Mack and The Forgotten Earth 
Like many musicians, we all have a need and a passion to express ourselves musically. It’s not enough to be part of another bands’ or artists’ project. Despite how good those projects might be. I had some song ideas that did not make it on the last Scarlet Hollow album, so I decided to venture out and record my own album of musical design. With Scarlet Hollow, I was certainly given the freedom to write my own bass lines and offer arrangement suggestions, but it was still a collaboration effort. So, in December of 2019, I started with a fury of the pen to paper, bass in hand, synthesizer at my side, and started putting all my melodic and rhythmic ideas into full song structures.

I’m a huge fan of fantasy, myth, and sci-fi adventure. I set my course to explore and evoke those images into my album where I could because, for me, songwriters are really characters within their own works. Michaelangelo once stated, ”I saw the angel within the marble. I carved until I set him free.” To paraphrase, “Songwriters start at the blank page until the story unfolds and reveals itself.” As songwriters, we divulge ourselves into our melodious creations. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to have a melodic cell of an idea come to full realization and hear it played back on your sound system. It just means the world to me to be able to finally record my own music.

Writing, arranging, and recording this album was very hard work. It took drive and determination to arrive at the goal of a contented, finished album. Let alone, an album without a singer. No lyrics. No words to tell the story. But, I feel that instrumental music transcends the boundaries of words. The orchestration of instruments has the power to tell a story with emotion and conjure up the imagination.

Helping with that creativity and manifestation I would need to enlist the talent of great musicians. The brilliant and highly skilled guitarist Brett Stine was employed for the dexterous and proficient lines needed for these adroit songs. His technique is superior, wicked, and simply out of this world. Absolutely an amazing musician. Having a top-notch wizard of a keyboardist was a necessity for this album. I sent out a conscript and in return the master revealed himself. Kristian Terzic, a superb and outstanding pianist/synth player whose sorcery on the keys is extraordinary. He is stellar, second to none with solo lines that are utterly magical. I certainly could not record an album without my compatriot and brother, Gregg Olson. I wrote a tribute song to Neil Peart and there is only one musician I had in mind to play the guitar solo on that song. Gregg is near genius and a mastermind when it comes to music. I’ve learned so much from him. His solo made me weep no matter how many times I listened to it. I’ve always loved the feel and execution he puts into his playing. He is in a class of uniqueness and excellence. I was also fortunate to muster the impressive talents of Justin Klunk and Justin Lepard. Mr. Klunk plays a ripping tenor sax solo on a prog-fusion tune whilst Mr. Lepard performs a haunting cello solo on an enchanted, soul-stirring song.

After all, is said and done and the songs are written and recorded. It’s time to get the music heard by an audience. To seek the followers of prog, avant-garde, fusion, fantasy, and concert-going fanatics. But, how to reach out to this assemblage? I realized the vital need for a record company to promote and distribute the songs of this musical muse. More importantly, to belong to a family that believes in my music and the energy of Prog. Enter Nick Katona. President and founder of Melodic Revolution Records. A Prog label. Nick makes you feel comfortable and welcome. He is providing a haven for independent artists to thrive and live as musical artists. Rebecca Avelar, Director of Marketing and promotion is also a strong part of the MRR troupe. She provides that cordial and approachable aspect that every artist needs in a record company. Indeed, I found my home.

In closing, I must say, so much of the world has plunged into darkness and chaos. I wanted to pierce that darkness with light. The light of music. I am now on the path of hope, suspense, and desired expectations. I can only aspire and dream that my music will stir and impassion listeners for the love of instrumental, progressive rock music. May peace, love, and laughter prevail. 
Long live Prog!

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