Napalm Records is pleased to welcome an outstanding new post rock discovery to its growing roster. Germany’s THERE’S A LIGHT has just inked a worldwide record deal with the premier rock and metal label!

After releasing their first EP, Khartoum, in 2012, the five-piece from the German black forest area set another milestone in their yet young career when unveiling the critically acclaimed debut album, A Long Lost Silence, in July 2018. Followed by an adventurous touring ride through China, where they performed ten shows at some sold out venues, THERE’S A LIGHT have already proven that the world is ready for these highly talented musicians to be heard!

With their symbiosis of post rock and ambient music, THERE’S A LIGHT creates a layer of sonic soundscapes leading to an inimitable state of mind that comes close to an out-of-body experience. Everything physical seems to fade away as their hauntingly beautiful tunes fill the void with their all-consuming atmosphere, while showcasing that even in the darkest times, there’s still a light somewhere out there that inspires us to keep going.

THERE’S A LIGHT is currently working on their second full-length album – more to be announced soon!

THERE’S A LIGHT states:   “We are happy and proud to be a part of the Napalm Records family now. This is a big step for us as a band and we are excited to conquer new horizons with this deal. Currently, we are writing on our second album and cannot wait to record and release it via Napalm this year.”

Napalm Records A&R Sebastian Muench states:“The band’s 2018 debut, A Long Lost Silence is, in my opinion, one of the best post rock albums that has ever been released! 

THERE’S A LIGHT have the talent to be the next God Is An AstronautRussian Circles or Sigur Ros. We are truly excited and proud to be in a position to work with such an inspiring band in the future!”
Dive into hypnotizing post rock spheres and check out the captivating debut album, A Long Lost Silence, below.

David Christmann – guitars
Jonas Obermüller – keys
Markus Dold – guitars
Andreas Richau – vocals/bass
Jan Lüftner – drums