‘Twas the night of December 28, 2019, when all through The Crofoot Ballroom, creatures were stirring, moshing and expelling guttural screams. Detroiters WILSON were on stage delivering one last dose of their signature “fuckery sound,” which they hold so close. Smashing drums, deafening bass, roaring guitars and searing vocals were enjoyed by WILSON fans — from the world over, not just locals. Knowing this could very well be the final time, WILSON performed an unforgettable set that many would call sublime.  

THANK YOU, GOOD NIGHT. LIVE captures the show in all its glory and gives a taste to all those fans who could not attend. The energy, the attitude, the fuckery, and even the heartbreak are all visceral in this collection of 10 songs from the band’s last ever performance.

THANK YOU, GOOD NIGHT. LIVE (NovelGoot) will be available at all DSPs on January 29, 2021, with pre-orders beginning January 15. The song Dumptruck” is now available as the first release from the album. “Dumptruck” is a sonic punch to the face as it kicks in with gang vocals chanting, “This shit bumps, this shit fucks, this shit dumps like a dump truck.”

(Photo by Mirak Habbiyyieh)

Knowing it was ambiguous if the band would continue after 2019, WILSON decided to play one last very special show in their hometown of Detroit, Michigan as a thank you to all of their longtime fans and supporters. Having all of the rooms at The Crofoot Ballroom in nearby Pontiac, MI at their disposal, the band held a pre-party for a limited number of fans in the Pike Room as well as a silent auction of WILSON lifeline items like backdrops, music video props and costumes, stage props, and even Chad’s beard which he had shaved off in 2016. All proceeds went to the charities Lighthouse Of Oakland County and MusiCares.

The sold-out 1200 capacity venue saw people attending from all over the US, as well as hosting fans from Sweden, Germany and the UK who dared not miss this once-in-a-lifetime event. For the band, the show was extremely emotional with the energy and anxiety going through the roof. With family, friends and fans new and old in attendance, the band roared through 19 songs from 2015’s RIGHT TO RISE and 2018’s TASTY NASTY albums, of which the band have curated their 10 favorites for this collection. 

The room was loud with WILSON’s manic performance and approving roars from the audience. It had that ripe, but sweet smell that only a hall full of sweaty humans and a floor soaked with years of stale beer can create. “The emotion dripped from all of our eyes,” says lead singer Chad Nicefield. (Though that could’ve also come from the smell.)  They’ve captured all of that with this release, defining their legacy and cementing their place in the annals of Detroit Rock City history.  

“I had the show recorded at the time for the purpose of us to listen back to it and hold that moment in our hands and minds forever,” says Nicefield. “I don’t think any of us had even thought about releasing a live record at that time. It wasn’t until our friend Josh Sobeck (one of our favorite live Sound Engineers) randomly sent me a mix of ‘Dumptruck’ he had put together that we imagined showing this moment to anyone else. Thankfully he did, though! One listen to that track and it was clear as could be…the fans deserve to own this moment with us. So, cheers to you all, the REAL Masters Of Ceremony! This one goes out to the house that Fuckery built! See you all again one day, maybe?”

To which Lloyd Christmas would say, “So you’re saying there’s a chance?”  

In the meantime, while it is bittersweet that the band chose to end their decade long run as WILSON that night (for now, anyway), it is exciting and completely appropriate that they would gift their fans with one last full blast of their signature “fuckery sound, and that is THANK YOU, GOOD NIGHT. LIVE.  


Track Listing: 
1. Dumptruck
2. Wrong Side Of History
3. Give Em Hell
4. Windows Down!
5. Summertime Treat (Tasty Nasty)
6. The Flood
7. All My Friends
8. Fuck Up My High
9. Like A Baller
10. House Of Fuckery

Album Credits:
Produced by Josh Sobeck & Chad Nicefield
Recorded by Ryan Thomas at The Crofoot Ballroom  
Edited by Chad Nicefield
Mixed by Josh Sobeck at Phoenix Productions  
Mastered by Josh Sobeck at Phoenix Productions

Full Blast Fuckery – 2013 – New Damage/Wilson
Right To Rise – 2015 – Razor & Tie
Tasty Nasty – 2018 – Sony Red

WILSON Online: 

About WILSON: WILSON formed in Detroit in 2010 and played their final show at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, MI on December 28, 2019. The band’s unique brand of in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll was influenced by hip-hop and all things ‘90s. WILSON featured Chad Nicefield (vocals), Jason Spencer (lead guitars), Kyle Landry (rhythm guitars), James Lascu (bass) and Matt Puhy (drums).