Already proving that they have what it takes to take on the fusion between Rock and Metal across the board, the American Hydrogyn release today “The Boiling Point” for all the world to see and hear. Therefore, the wait is over and it is time to turn up the heat levels to maximum 

Grooving beyond recognition is one of the main events behind the release of “The Boiling Point”, the second single out of the album, presented by a quality video, “Damaged Goods”. Where anger, anguish and dismay are having a dangerous meeting, so does the crushing grooves of old and new come out in a deadly dance. Watch & Listen to “Damaged Goods”

Video Credits: 

*Production Company: Evicks Media 

*Video Filmed By: Rich Evicks and Ryan Stepp 

*Director: Rick Evicks 

*Video Editor: Rich Evicks with Holly Hines Freed 

*Director of Photography: Rich Evicks and Ryan Stepp

“The Boiling Point”, Hydrogyn’s 12th album, is a swift comeback to business of what is heavy, what is emotional, what is human and bleeding.

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1. Disappear

2. Bats In The Belfry

3. The Boiling Point

4. Wickedness

5. Worthless Love

6. Sweet Addiction

7. Tragic

8. One Way Or Another (Blondie Cover)

9. Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley Cover)

10. Widowmaker

11. Damaged Goods

12. Ghost

13. Mad World (Tears For Fears Cover)

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“This is a very good record overall. It has a consistent feel, even though the songs fit multiple genres. I recommend this to fans of everything from blues rock to lovers of metal. It has broad appeal and really hits home everywhere it travels.” (METAL TEMPLE)

“The Boiling Point reveals that the latest version of Hydrogyn will no longer confine themselves to one Rock style or another…The band can mix it up and Holly Hines Freed shows she is versatile and compelling.” (METAL EXPRESS RADIO)

“One thing is certain, “The Boiling Point” is a damn good album… the waiting time was worth it, and one can hope for many more albums to come”  (BADBLACK UNICORN)


“Disappear” (Official Video) – 

Formed in 2003, Hydrogyn has been having a long career span, with a variety of achievements along the years, including reaching to become one of the top bands in the US charts in the first decade of the 00s, releasing a number of albums, which were considered as gems of Rock and Metal, and successfully touring Europe while creating a vast impact for themselves. 

After several years of silence, slowly establishing a newfound force in order to return back into the hearts of fans, and back to recognition, a new era of the band began. Hydrogyn established a new lineup, which created a new sound for the band, a profound sense of musical direction, bred by a collective of approaches and influences, and enough power to pierce their listeners’ ears and melt their brains. 

The new Hydrogyn incarnation is bound to hatch great things, a measure of musical massiveness, channel an inner darkness, anger, anguish, and any other form that disturbs the human condition, the formation and break away of relationships. 


Holly Hines Freed – Vocals

Jeff Westlake – Guitars

Ryan Stepp – Guitars

Jacob Freed – Bass

Scot Clayton II – Drums







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