taumel is the musical formation comprising sven pollkoetter and jakob diehl. with the album ‘there is no time to run away from here’ taumel presents the first part of the music series TRAUM, which will be developed further over several albums. in this series taumel concentrates on a slow minimalism in instrumental quartet formation: piano/rhodes, electric guitar, flugelhorn and drums.

Sven Pollkötter and Jakob Diehl first met 10 years ago during a musical production at the Funkhaus Berlin. They quickly hit it off and became friends when they discovered they were born in the same year and left school in the same year to pursue a career in music and arts.

Jakob was the composer and Sven one of the two percussionists in the 13-piece instrumental ensemble that recorded the music for the radio play “Die Nacht aus Blei” (The Night of Lead) by Hans Henny-Jahnn. The music was slow, sluggish and gloomy – the story itself dark and depressive, similar to the Netflix series “Dark” – in which Jakob was to act years later.

After years of producing music and collaborating together, the two started the band taumel in 2016. The timing of their first album release, 10 years after their first encounter, and the start of the Netflix series “Dark 3” is pure coincidence. Their dark instrumental sounds have been a signature of their first demos and musical pieces long before the incredible success of the series but weren’t completed due to various film shootings by Jakob.

Given Sven’s and Jakob’s broad background, taumel is musically diverse. Their first album creates a jazzyslow minimalist instrumental sound through a quartet of piano/Rhodes, guitar, flugelhorn and drums. The compositions are full of contrasts and breaks and the duo pays a special attention to the story telling within the album and identifies their music as Doomjazz or Darkjazz. there is no time to run away from here is a composition of individual tracks that represent the first portion of a musical series called TRAUM. These individual tracks, when combined together, will create one comprehensive story.

Sven Pollkötter is a freelance percussionist and drummer. He played in rock and pop bands like AssignmentAlternative Allstars and Clause Grabke. He studied classical music and went onto play neo-classical and improvisation, jazz and various folks music. Sven still loves to play and experience music in various contexts, from classical concerts to theatre music and music production.

Jakob Diehl works as a freelance composer and actor. In addition to his own music, he composes for radio, theatre and film. He is also a speaker and voice performer for various live performances and CD productions of contemporary music. As an actor, he has performed in radio plays, theatre, TV and international film productions such as Dark, CounterpartParadiseIl PecattoDer Baader Meinhof Komplex.

Even though both musicians are classically trained in drums/compositions, they formed taumel out of their desire to make music into dialogue and without any limits and taboos. Despite the fact that taumel has been around for several years and performed in concert, Sven and Jakob consider their first years as an “experimental and developmental phase”. Now that the concept has evolved and taken shape, they are ready to share their story, of which there is no end in sight. And so the story of taumel begins…

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Artist: taumel
Title: there is no time to run away from here 
Format: limited LP (300 copies), CD, Digital Label: Tonzonen Records
Distribution: Soulfood
Genre: Dark Jazz/ Doom Jazz
Release Date: 04/12/2020

1. there is 
2. no time 
3. to run 
4. away 
5. from here

Official: https://taumel.net
Facebook: https://facebook.com/taumelofficial 
Bandcamp: https://taumel.bandcamp.com 
Label: https://www.tonzonen.de