iWth the walls of sadness and desperation closing in around us, our limbs heavy in the chains of loss, there can seem no escape from the locked room of our isolation and its deep, consuming shadows. Yet we are always no more than a step away from a doorway to a world of light and possibility. Hope and devastation within touching distance of each other. The small, golden key to this doorway lies hidden in the labyrinth of our mind – a place where ghosts of pain and minotaurs of shame hunt for blood and the tattered remains of past promises cry piteously, while reaching out with jagged, broken claws, desperate for company in misery. But beyond it all is the key…and the door…and dreams beyond despair.

Over the course of one year, 2019, the man behind the shroud that is Misertus, Tomas, poured out his conflicts and his agonies, his dreams and redemptions and the battlegrounds and common grounds that lie amidst them all, in three glorious, tumultuous, visionary albums. Daydream, Coil and Outland each possess their own characters and stories, their own sounds and textures, but they are inextricably linked, undeniably born from the same post black metal flame. Daydream brings us the hooks, the spaces, the light and shade of ‘Fragility’, the brittle fury of ‘Waterfalls’…and ‘Outward’, like standing in a rainfall of broken dreams, their shards tumbling from the heavens. Coil opens in an uplifting, shimmering sunrise over snow capped mountains, with ice in the air. Beautiful, natural melodies flow over underlying currents of melancholy, a juxtaposition of hope and sadness forming perfect harmonies, magical counterpoints. The gentle peace of ‘Pause’ a beautiful moment when the howling banshee voice is silent, left screaming within the heart of the maelstrom. With Outland we dive wholly into the world of dreams, our mind and soul laid bare, all our triumphs and adversities captured in the swelling of sound, the glorious thunder and power of ‘Blue Spirits’ and the intensely emotional, transforming finale of ‘Aether (A Distant Ember)’. Together these stunning albums are more than the sum of their parts. Together is how they always should have been. Together is how they are.

Never before available in any physical format, Onism Productions have made Daydream, Coil and Outland one; in a matte finish, eight panel, three CD digi-pack. Including for the first time the three poems which were adapted to create the lyrics of this trilogy, this is the ultimate representation of Misertus’ year of supreme creativity. Overpowering yet intimate, celebratory yet heart rending, this is the music of the universe, the sound of wishes and anguish entwined.

Tomas – guitars, bass, drums, synths, vocals
Post Black Metal
For fans of: 
Harakiri For The Sky | Unreqvited | Ghost Bath | Sylvaine
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https://onism.productions “