McStine & Minnemann is a new band consisting of Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance) and Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats). Pre-orders for their debut album began on May 1st, along with the release of their first single “Program” and its accompanying music video. On Saturday June 6th, the second single from the album “Your Offenses” was released, along with a new performance video of the song from their respective home studios.

The duo initially met in 2018 while working with other artists, but as they discovered their shared passion for an assortment of Rock, Pop, and Punk artists, they decided to embark on a collaborative project together. Although McStine and Minnemann initially set out to record an EP, they quickly shifted to making an album as their musical ideas and chemistry flourished. 

The result of their self-titled debut, McStine & Minnemann, is a high-energy collection of ten compact, yet expansive Rock songs that sit well next to the likes of XTC, Mr. Bungle, The Police, Queen, and Frank Zappa. As both men are prolific multi-instrumentalists and writers, they have created a space for each other to showcase their incomparable instrumental talents, while infusing them with an incredible mix of melodic and lyrical depth. 

The second single “Your Offenses” perfectly encapsulates the band’s chosen direction for this album, drawing inspiration from their biggest musical influences of the 1970’s but giving it a modern and more sophisticated twist. Randy says “We didn’t make a ‘punk rock’ record, but I feel like the core of it is very much in that spirit. [In this song] the bass and drums have a Police-like presence and I really love the way the song turned out!”

Marco adds: “I enjoy this mix thoroughly; the energy, the sophisticated parts, the experimental bits, and not shying away from anything.” Randy also comments on the great connection he had with Marco while writing this song: “When I listened to what Marco did with the guitars in the bridge section, it was exactly what in my head, I was eventually intending to do. That was a moment for me where I knew that we were totally on the same page!”

McStine & Minnemann was produced by the duo, and mixed by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, SikTh). 

McStine & Minnemann Tracklist:

01. Program

02. Falling From Grace

03. Your Offenses

04. Catrina

05. Top Of The Bucket

06. Tear The Walls Down (No Memories)

07.  Fly

08. Activate

09. The Closer

10.  Voyager

Pre-Orders for McStine & Minnemann are now available on Bandcamp with several packages to choose from – PRE-ORDER HERE NOW

$8 Digital Download

$13 CD + digital download (shipping exc.)

$25 ‘Deluxe Version’ CD + digital download (shipping exc.) with exclusive bonus content – Private stream release of 1 new song per week (every Friday) from May 1st to July 3rd (in order of album sequence), as well as a Randy/Marco commentary track and Marco drum playthrough video per song

A Limited Edition Vinyl version is also available –PRE-ORDER HERE NOW

$25 Special limited 140 grams Collectors Vinyl Album, only 100 pressed