“Feel is a song that talks about the senses, about how through them we can reconnect with our own nature and existence, how we can feel more,” says Colombian musician

Sebastian González, who together with Ignacio Lecumberri from Argentina present Underway Project, a fusion of electronic and traditional sounds of the world, which will be on all digital platforms from May 15th.

The music of Sebastian González marked an entire generation in his country of origin, as part of the group Mauricio & Palo de Agua, which was characterized by the mixture of local and modern sounds, laying the foundations for the genres that today accompany us daily through the radio or playlists. He was guitarist of this group, with which they published three albums and achieved successes with hits such as: Niña, Canto Caribeño, Darte un Beso and Dame tu Amor, among others, as well as more than 800 concerts on national and international stages.

Guitarist, composer, music teacher and ensemble director, he started his career very young, influenced by his family environment and the sounds of Pink Floyd, The Cure, Genesis, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers as well as Charly Garcia, Gustavo Cerati and Luis Alberto Spinetta and of course Colombian music from Toto la Momposina to Teto Ocampo. He was part of different groups and played genres as diverse as rock, pop and Andean music. But after a decade with Mauricio and Palo de Agua, his musical concerns ask him to go away from the country and invite him to travel the world in search of new sounds.

He settled in the United States in 2017 and thanks to the musical dynamics of New York City, he is part of several bands such as: Outernational, The Ritualists, Axel Music Box and Abracadabra Field Trip, but it is when he meets the producer, audio engineer and musician born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina, Ignacio Lecumberri, who decides to bet on a new musical project of his own, that reflects his feelings, artistic needs and of course all his potential as a performer and musician, that is how Underway Project was born.

The idea of ​​Underway is to create electronic tracks on which musicians of different nationalities living in New York City will stand out, and incorporate instruments as diverse as the vibraphone, quena, citar or djembe, among other representatives of diverse cultures and countries. Its premiere single Feel was recorded at Premier Studios, with the participation of musicians from different backgrounds, featuring the Berlin-based Colombian singer Mia Hush and vibraphone player Happy Schultz from Florida