The second single from our upcoming album is out today, titled “Velvet Margin”. It’s available to stream on Bandcamp and those who pre-order the album will be able to download it. 

The full-length record ‘The Last Semblance’ will be available July 10th, in digital and CD format. Please consider pre-ordering if you haven’t yet. 

Some additional info on the new song:
“This second single, “Velvet Margin”, is a drastic contrast from most of the other tracks on the new record. Driven by haunting vocal lines, expressive counter harmonies, and layered acoustic instrumentation, the song arguably contains some of the most melodic and memorable passages on the album. In many ways it is some of the most uncharted territories for Alizarin, letting the vocals drive a lot of the music and focusing even less on flashy or over the top instrumentation. The closest thing to a “ballad” we have, although we tend to steer clear of that term.”


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