The British-born singer, David Readman (PINK CREAM 69/Tank), was feeling the strain of the global COVID-19 epidemic that erupted in the spring of 2020. After having lived in Germany, the now Dutch-resident perceived what he thought to be the unthinkable – the demise of the music industry as a whole. Perhaps unsurprisingly to those who know Readman, his reaction was typical: he decided it was time to write some songs.

Armed with a fresh batch of lyrics, Readman turned to his friend Julien Spreutels (ETHERNITY/NOVERIA/EPYSODE) to create the music and a melodic metal band, “Immunity for the Masses”, was born.
Well-known for his talent as a keyboard player, Spreutels pulled in his fellow bandmates, Francesco Mattei (NOVERIA/ETHERNITY) to play guitar and Spreutels’ brother, Nicolas (ETHERNITY’s drummer), to add… the bass lines instead of the drums! 

The nascent group was still without a drummer, so they contacted their young friend Dennis Thomas in Genk, Belgium. Due to varying lockdown restrictions in the countries where each musician lived, some tracks, like those of guitarist Mattei, who lives in Italy, and Thomas, who lives in Genk, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, had to be done remotely, in their home studios.

David Readman: Vocals
Julien Spreutels: Keyboards
Francesco Mattei: Lead Guitar
Nicolas Spreutels: Bass
Dennis Thomas: Drums

The first single from Immunity for the Masses will be released on Tuesday, the 12th of May. The video to that single will be available on the band’s YouTube channel.

More info coming soon