Mark Wood is an electric violinist and the founder of Wood Violins, a company that makes electric violins. His educational program has been featured on news programs nationwide. He is also an Emmy-winning composer and a member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

This is a great opportunity to take lessons with this masterful pioneer of the electric string world, and accelerate your learning beyond your wildest dreams!

No matter where you are in the world, let’s make this happen! For a limited time only, Mark will be offering lessons in 30-minute increments and here are some of the topics you can explore together:

  • Tools and tricks to accelerate your learning of a bowed instrument 
  • Non-classical techniques 
  • Improvising 
  • Activating creativity and emotion in your performances 
  • Encouraging self-expression and exploration 
  • Utilizing technology to expand your imagination and accelerate learning
  • Working on a piece of music from Mark’s catalogue or a piece of music of your choice 
  • Navigating the fingerboard (with frets and without frets) and understanding the “movable grid” hand position
  • Drills: loops for rhythm accuracy and intonation

Please contact for more info

Looking forward to connecting with you! With all best wishes to you and your families!

All the best,
Mark Wood Music Headquarters
Office: 1-516-767-6677