Refestramus New Music Video “Side Hustle” will premier on YouTube Friday, July 12th at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time.

“Side Hustle” is the 6th track from the latest album “Intouríst” the song tells a story of workplace attraction and temptation, blending sensuality and intrigue. An extended metaphor. Since the music is clearly Tull-inspired, I figured I’d do a lyric like Ian Anderson might have done in the late ‘80s. In a bit of a much-needed modernization, though, it is purposefully gender-neutral.
– Derek Ferguson

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“Side Hustle” exemplifies Refestramus’s ability to create music that is both innovative and deeply resonant. Its critical and fan acclaim underscores its importance in the band’s discography and highlights the band’s continuous evolution in their artistic journey.

The single features:
Ian Beabout — Flute,
Derek Ferguson – Drums,
Nathan James – Lead Vocals, Bass
Derek Pavlic – Guitars,
Rogelio Souza – Keys
Mitch Lawrence – Saxes

Monica Pop returns as the Librarian/Accountant/Muse in the music video.

“Side Hustle” appears on “Intourist” the third album by Refestramus, released May 3rd, 2024, a testament to the band’s innovative spirit and musical craftsmanship. Its release has not only cemented their place in contemporary music but has also set a high bar for their future endeavors. Fans and newcomers alike are drawn to the album’s depth and the journey it offers through its evocative tracks.

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