BOB SALIBA is the brand new band of former guitarist, singer, composer and producer, Bob SALIBA.
Its music style evolves between metal prog and acoustic folk, with several exotic elements from European, hispanic or oriental folk music.
Bob is an active musician and member of bands such as KingCrown featuring former Nightmare members Jo & David Amore (Last album “Wake Up Call” released in 2022 on ROAR, it’s single’s videoclip reached 73k views in 3 months and the band even performed on French famous animator Jacky’s program on IDF1 TV). Galderia in France (2 albums released in 2022 and 2017 via Massacre Records, reaching more than 90k

views on youtube). Rubicon in Russia (last album released in 2021 on Rock City Music, worldwide distribution and Fono Music, Russia) and Daemons Vault in Brazil (album in making,
hired by John Macaluso as lead singer).
Bob also used to be a very active local musician in his geographical area and in different bands and styles of music from heavy rock to pure metal.

With Stonecast (as guitarist and main composer, 2 albums released in 2013 and 2019 on Pitch Black Records). With Debackliner (as lead singer, album released in 2016 on Pitch Black Records). Bob Oliver Lee (album released in 2016 on Underground Symphony).Quiet Human (album released

in 2016 on Delta Mekong).

Bob began his professional musical journey with his friend, power pop French singer Alix Schmidt, back in 2008 (M6 Live, Filles TV…) before she turned back to her acting career in theaters and French TV.
Bob also built a solid live experience through Europe these last 10 years, supporting or opening for artists

such as Ripper Owens, Sonisphere festival, Zak Stevens’ Circle II Circle, Nightmare, Now or Never, Secret Sphere, Blaze Bayley, Timo Kotipelto & Jani Liimatainen’s Blackoustic, FM and toured with Therion/Imperial Age/NullPositiv or Tygers Of Pan Tang.
Bob also sang for John Macaluso, clinic in Marseille in 2016, this encounter will lead to this current collaboration (and others). Bob was proposed to join Imperial Age as guitarist for their European 2022 tour,

however declined to focus on this new band.
Basically viewed as a studio project with confirmed musicians as guests, a new team also joined BOB SALIBA to build a live combo and promote the coming album on stage.
The band already performed its 1st show opening for the legendary English band FM back in may 2022. This line up received very positive feedback from the audience and the venue was already full for this

opening act. The album is awaited with strong interest.

Here is the fictional story of this paleontologist somewhere in the future or a parallel present.
A passionate scientist who spent his life studying many animal and vegetable species that have not been alive on this Earth for hundreds of millions of years.
After every working day, the man would imagine what the Earth was like before the birth of Humanity or even before life of the modern era. Wondering about how evolved all of these fantastic creatures, how intriguing the very first forms of complex life were, how many unfortunate beautiful living worlds disappeared during the 5 main massive extinctions from the face of the planet, how life had to restart from the beginning.

It is also the story of how frustrating studies on fossils could be sometimes, the only concrete elements that we can handle nowadays are just inert imprints trapped in stones.
The fictional part that is proposed here is the realization of the fantasy of many people and scientist:

finding the means to encounter the wildlife of the Silurian seas, the huge ferns of the Carboniferous primitive forests and its ostentatiously oversized arthropods, and why not the late to appear but by far more famous dinos?

However also how all of this happened, including the inevitable divine element. One of the main inspirations that helped build this concept album is the book “Life is beautiful” written in 1988 by Stephen Jay Gould, and maybe Bob’s experience as an Engineer in Biology & Biotechnologies, lost in this huge scientific world.

Some of you will find this approach as an invitation to keep in mind that this planet is not our property, at least not more than the colony of ants in our gardens.
Just think that if life on our Earth was reduced to a year, we Humans would have been born on this planet on the 31st of December around 4 o’clock in the afternoon.


1. Introspection
2. Excavations
3. Visions
4. Crystal Castle
5. Entropy
6. Expectations
7. Transposition
8. Into the Lab
9. Reflections
10. Rivality
11. Saphire (Instrumental) 12. To The Zenith
13. Hosts of a Vanished World

All Songs Written By Bob Saliba Except “After All”
(Music By Gilles Chemin)
Recorded @ Flying Saucer Studio by Bob Saliba, @ Freaky Dog Studio by Tom Tiberi & @ Yukio-e Studio by Bruno Pradels
All drumtracks recorded @ Vintage Studio, engineered
by Roberto Billi
Mixed @ Yukio-e Studio by Bruno Pradels
Mastered @ Sonics Mastering by François Fanelli
Artwork by Voodoo Dark Art’s Oleg Sherbakov
Logo by Stan W Decker