JULIEN-K’s DRK|MODE Indiegogo campaign smashes crowdfunding records with a #1 debut in music and most trending campaigns on Indiegogo. The campaign sold $25,000 by the end its 1st day, with 29 more days to go.

The bands social media went dark late Sunday afternoon, only to come alive 5AM Monday morning with perfectly executed social media strategy that sent their fans into a buying frenzy. For most of the morning the band was selling $1000 with of items every 10 minutes. The sheer velocity and volume of participation took the band by such surprise that they were scrambling to refill sold out perks and come up with new combinations of items. 1/3 of the campaign was sold out by 4PM on day one.

After 5 wildly successful #1 Indiegogo campaigns that have made Julien-K one of the highest earning crowdfunding bands in the world, the band has returned for their most ambitious campaign yet: DRK|MODE – A PURELY ELECTRONIC DARK INDUSTRIAL CREATION.

The campaign text alone is an undeniable example showing that the band has become masters of the art of gamification and teasing of new material and huge product drops. The band has created a long running narrative that is completely authentic yet somehow borders on fantasy that fans seem to love.

Julien-K casually drops another bomb on fans with their now classic playful yet ominous tone:

Do synthesizers feel pain?

We want to find out.

Can we create a compelling album through acoustic exclusion and electronic torture? 




After their critically acclaimed and commercially successful return to their Orgy-esque roots in HARMONIC DISRUPTOR, they slowly began the “answer” to that album. That answer is called TRAUMA ECHOES.

“We started creating sludgy, guitar heavy, emotional electro-rock as a path out of the JKHD universe – but we kept finding ourselves pulled to heavy a synthetic 4 on the floor heartbeat. That heartbeat cut a new path that lead us through a new doorway.”

“This unexpected dichotomy in our approach confused us at first, but over time it became clear that that we were being led down the path to two separate works of art. Two disparate projects. Twin shadows walking alone in the same darkness.”

“The divergent undersurface of TRAUMA ECHOES had to be free of our well known guitar heavy approach. It had to be pure electro. It was a challenge to speak this new language only using machines. Could we create a sound that was definitively JULIEN-K without our guitars? An entire album of it?? Would the fans that have had our backs for so many years support an idea like this?”

This was the beginning of DRK|MODE.

Ryan Shuck says of the bands new campaign “We really broke the mold and set records with our last campaigns, but at this point we’re extremely cautious with our expectations. Will this campaign be so surprisingly successful? We just don’t know – it’s not a “new” concept anymore. All we can do is unleash our creativity and energy and do the BEST we possibly can to create a compelling and comprehensive world for our fans to participate in. So far, if we focus on that – we have succeeded every time. We have to have faith in our fans.”

Julien-K is an independent electro-rock band formed in Long Beach CA in 2008 by long time friends and collaborators Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck (founding members of Orgy, Dead By Sunrise). Later joined by Anthony “Fu” Valcic in 2009, the band recorded it’s now classic debut album Death To Analog. Over the last 10 years, the band has released multiple albums and toured extensively, and has become one of the most successful crowd-funded bands in the world. Despite the band’s dark & stylistic videos and Blade Runner-esque imagery, the band has focused on a totally “connected” independent and authentic fan-focused career path – often avoiding a more classic commercial approach.

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