L- R Jimi Brown, Toby Wright, Jon Tanner Photo Credit: Mintypics

World-famous independently-owned venue, The Machine Shop, is proud to announce its collaboration with legendary producer/mixer, Toby Wright. Renowned for his groundbreaking work with industry giants such as ALICE IN CHAINSKORNMETALLICA, and KISS, his work on ALICE IN CHAINS’ ‘MTV Unplugged’ is still celebrated as one of the best sounding albums of the seminal live series. His partnership with The Machine Shop aims to take artists’ income potential to new heights.

Since its establishment in 2002, The Machine Shop has garnered recognition for attracting top live music entertainment on a local to international scale. Artists flock to this legendary 550 capacity venue, drawn by its unique atmosphere, quality of light and sound, and artist-friendly terms.

One of the primary goals of this collaboration is to provide artists with dramatically increased income potential through live streaming, with audio mixed by Wright. This exclusive service will be available for sold-out shows.

Says Wright, “I am excited to team up with such an iconic venue to give opportunities and bigger revenue streams to artists.”

Machine Shop Digital Lounge will also offer video production services for all live shows. With Toby Wright’s mixing and Jimi Brown’s esteemed lighting skills, this service offers artists valuable tools with which to compete on a global scale.

Helping to facilitate this exciting venture is Shannon O’Shea, a veteran manager and artist advocate with an impressive track record. O’Shea is best known for her innovative work as the co-creator and founding manager of the multi-platinum band GARBAGE, and the critically acclaimed band, 8mm. Alongside groundbreaking producers such as Toby WrightSean BeavanButch Vigand Jimmy Miller, O’Shea has consistently pushed the boundaries of the music industry.

O’Shea explains, “With ever-growing avenues of independent promotion and distribution, our mission is to provide affordable opportunities for artists to work with world-class talent that they might otherwise not have access to, empowering them to deliver competitive content.”

Machine Shop Digital Lounge’s streaming debut will be on December 15th and 16th with nu-metal/rap-rock pioneers, NONPOINT, whose legendary live performances have been described as “sheer chaos and spellbinding magic”.

NONPOINT will be celebrating the wrap of their 2023 sold-out MILLION WATTS TOUR on Friday, December 15, followed by a second event on Saturday, December 16; a performance of their major label debut album, STATEMENT.

Says NONPOINT’s manager, Rob Ruccia, “We are excited about joining these iconic forces in creating what promises to be two nights of electrifying raw energy to remember!”

Tickets for both NONPOINT performaces can be purchased here – https://ppvmachineshopdigitallounge.lightcast.com/ (Click GET ACCESS)


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