Also Starring Anthony Corder (Tora Tora) and Blevins Vox 
(13 South)

With Host Mark “Gus” Scott (Trixter)

Legendary performer John Corabi headlines an incredible lineup for G4L Records Cancer Benefit Show #1 for “Elizabeth & Chris” on October 17th in Nashville at The Eighth Room. John will be performing songs from his Motley Crue days including hits such as “Hooligan’s Holiday”The Dead Daisies’ “Dead and Gone”; “Man in the Moon”, and ”Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore)”Tora Tora’s Anthony Corder will be performing his hits including “Walkin’ Shoes” and “Guilty”13 South’s Chris Blevinswill be performing his 2023 Josie Award Nominated “Rock Songwriting Song of the Year” “Mississippi Way”.

“The idea for the show came from G4L Records Founder, Markus Muller-Stach. He began developing the event while his wife was in her battle with Stage 4 Breast Cancer as a way to honor her, give her a night of great music, brighten up her day, raise money to fund an end of life trip and pay for cancer related bills. Sadly, during production Elizabeth passed,” says John Corabi.

The event has grown to include artist and friend Chris Blevins who is also battling cancer, performing, and co-producing the event.

Markus Muller-Stach adds, “I’m excited to move forward with this event. It’s been very therapeutic to work on. The last 3 ½ years of my wife battling cancer, losing her recently, the impact and all that goes with it has inspired me to help other families that are going through this. So after this show, we will begin working on the next one in Los Angeles and find other cancer patients to honor. Knowing firsthand the pain and suffering a cancer patient and their family go through, all the associated bills, I’m honored to be doing my small part to help cancer warriors in the future. I’m so blessed to have such talented, accomplished, and generous artists help make this idea a reality.”

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