Hello everyone,
The time has sadly come to announce the departure of our bassist, Peter Episcopo. This was by no means sudden to the rest of the band as we’ve been aware of this decision for a while. Our recent shows were our last with Peter and the feeling was incredibly bittersweet and we feel privileged and grateful that more people than ever came out to see us and share the send off with us. We will all continue to be close friends with Peter and look forward to many more happy memories
ahead outside of Kyros. Let’s all wish Peter the best of luck for his future endeavors!
A few words from the man himself:

“Hi all,
My last note with Kyros was a D#, at the end of Cloudburst at the Lower Third in London. I never wanted it to end on that note, but hey.. After almost 10 years, it feels surreal to be announcing my departure from Kyros. The band has been a big part of my life ever since Shelby graced me with bass duties back in 2014. Playing with Robin, Joey and Shelby has been an absolute honour, a treasure that I will always hold dear. They’re insanely gifted musicians and keeping up with their skill level has been one heck of a challenge. I remember walking into our third ever rehearsal with a shirt saying ‘Sorry girls, I’m gay… The bond grew strong. Fellow musicians quickly became friends. Friends became family. Jesus, so dramatic… All I’m trying to say is that I’m very fond of them. My eyes got watery when I last hugged them at the end of our last show together. I wish them all the best and will always be a fan of their music. I’m massively looking forward to the new material and
I’m very proud of what we have achieved and to have been a part of this adventure. 

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank you all for the continuous support over the years. I’ve met many lovely people and have played alongside many incredible bands on this journey.
I don’t know where, I don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again. All the best,

And with our next shows a mere four months away – we must press on ahead and the search begins for a new bassist for Kyros Time is of the essence but we are determined to find someone who fits our ethos, drive, determination and tenacity. We are ideally looking for a bassist who is based in the south/midlands of England, has a good ear for learning parts aurally, is capable of basic keyboard playing and backing vocals.

If you think you fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you ASAP.

To get started – send us some footage of you playing, plus some brief words about yourself to band@kyrosmediagroup.com

We’ve been Kyros. You’ve been amazing. Here’s to the future.
Shelby, Joey & Robin

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