Austin, Texas – One of the most eagerly awaited prog albums of 2023 will be released on January 6 by The Aaron Clift Experiment. Titled “The Age of Misinformation,” the band’s 4th album is a conceptual work about the destructive power of lies and the search for truth in the face of overwhelming odds.

Band founder, Aaron Clift, explains: “During the COVID lockdown of 2020 – 2021, my friends, colleagues, and country went through an incredibly challenging time, and I knew that I had to say something about it. ‘The Age of Misinformation’ is The Aaron Clift Experiment’s document of that era.”

In addition to its lyrical ambition and emotional resonance, the album marks a high point for the band’s creativity – featuring everything from explosive, hard-rocking songs, to gorgeous ballads, to multi-layered vocal writing that would make Queen blush! Two songs explore symphonic music with a guest string quartet, and the album’s lead single, “Bet on Zero,” is an epic big band jazz/blues fusion collaboration with 7-piece Austin horn ensemble, Big Wy’s Brass Band.

Aaron notes: “For ‘The Age of Misinformation,’ we wanted to do more of everything: record music that was more intricate, more melodic, and more diverse than anything we had done before. I’m really happy with how we pulled it off, but above all, I love how the album explores a concept that reflects the events of our current world. There are songs all about frustration with the crazy state of politics, but there’s also a renewed sense of optimism in other songs – knowing that there’s always a light at the end of the cave.”

Formed in 2012, The Aaron Clift Experiment is a multi-faceted band that blends influences from classic rock (Rush, Pink Floyd, King Crimson), modern rock (Porcupine Tree, Opeth), jazz, and classical – all anchored by a dedication to high-quality songwriting and musicianship. Progradar has described the group as “one of the most impressive progressive acts currently on the scene.”

In the last few years, the band has carved out a significant worldwide following. The Aaron Clift Experiment’s last album, 2018’s “If All Goes Wrong,” was a critically-acclaimed progressive rock achievement, landing on several year-end best album lists. In 2017, the band had a star-making performance at RosFest, one of the largest progressive rock festivals in the world, and followed it up with an impressive outing in 2018 at Chicago’s Progtoberfest, and in 2019 with a hometown concert that was recorded for the band’s second live EP, “Live at One-2-One Bar.”

Here’s what the press has raved about The Aaron Clift Experiment:

“There’s much to admire about The Aaron Clift Experiment . . . They can convincingly range from pure power to more delicate inferences in the same song.” – Prog Magazine

“Prog smarts and pop appeal combined nicely . . . furnished sleek, urgently uptempo tunes, brainy- heading-toward-quirky lyrics, and a taut, controlled sound.” – Proglodytes

“The music of The Aaron Clift Experiment is melodic, hard, and spellbinding.” – Music from the Other Side of the Room

  1. The Age of Misinformation
  2. L.I.A.R.
  3. Bet on Zero – ft. Big Wy’s Brass Band
  4. Dark Secrets
  5. Rise
  6. The Color of Flight
  7. Málaga
  8. Weight of the World

The Aaron Clift Experiment:
Aaron Clift: vocals, keyboards
Anthony Basini: guitar, backing vocals
Clif Warren: bass
Pablo Ranlett-López: drums, percussion

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