Cover art by Ed Unitsky

Time Horizon is a Northern California-based melodic art-rock influenced band with two highly acclaimed previously released albums the band has returned with a third album titled “Power of Three” on the Melodic Revolution Records label and is ready for distribution. The album is now available for pre-order in both CD & Digital formats and will be released in early 2022 with an Vinyl to follow.

In early Spring, Time Horizon gave fans a sneak peek into “Power of Three” with the release of their first single; “Living for a Better Day” featuring a special guest appearance by legendary SAGA frontman Michael Sadler on vocals.

The band has added two permanent members to the roster since the release of Transitions in 2015, namely David Bradley Mau and Michael Gregory. Their contributions to the sound can be heard in the evolving sound that is Time Horizon.

Founding members Ralph Otteson and Bruce Gaetke had brought on Allen White and Dave Miller to be able to tour the first release “Living Water”. Those two ended up staying for the next project “Transitions” and now again with “Power of Three”.

Album art Ed Unitsky

Power of Three line up.
David Bradley Mau: Lead vocals, supporting Keys
Ralph Otteson: Keyboards, Piano, Hammond Organ, and support vocals
Bruce Gaetke: Drums, support vocals, and lead vocals for “Razors Edge”
Allen White: Electric fretted and fretless bass guitars
Dave Miller: Electric and acoustic guitars
Michael Gregory: electric lead guitar and acoustic guitars.

Track 1 “Living for Another Day”
This song features the vocal talent of Michael Sadler on lead vocals. This is a definitely Saga-influenced tune that fits very well for Sadler’s singing style. It was a pre-album single digital release through MRR. Other than being “Saga-esk”, the guitar solo is very reminiscent of Steve Lukather. The song’s message of instead of waiting around for a better day, let’s start living for a better day. An encouraging word for today.

Track 2 “I Hear, I See”
This next song is where we get to familiarize ourselves with new lead vocalist David Mau. David had previously recorded this song on a solo effort, but it was re-arranged by Ralph Otteson to fit better into the Time Horizon sound. The message is that in a world in crisis, one still has hope that can be found if we open our ears and open our eyes and seek the truth.

Track 3 “Prelude”
This is the instrumental lead into “The Razor’s Edge”. Big drums, Hammond, synth, and guitar anthems in a Spock’s Beard style motif. Guitar solos trading off with keyboard licks bring us into the next song.

Track 4 ” The Razor’s Edge”
The feel during the verses and chorus is in Mike and the Mechanics kind of vibe. Lead vocals are handled by drummer Bruce Gaetke who sang leads on earlier albums. During the bridge, we are back to the motif of the prelude. The song fades with an ending chorus, something you don’t hear a lot of anymore.

Track 5 ” Steve’s Song”
An instrumental track featuring a bass solo by guest artist Michael Manring, in a tribute to the band’s first original bassist, Steve Gourley. This not only pays homage to his time with the band but also his work with humanitarian relief and human rights for the poor and vulnerable. His untimely passing is portrayed by10-cc angelic voices that wash the sonic colors behind a beautiful fretless bass taking the melody.

Track 6 ” Time to Wonder”
The Genesis-inspired ballad features David Mau singing a catchy more commercial-sounding song geared for radio play. Piano and bright guitars back the singer and the 10-cc theme is also heard again.

Tack 7 “The Great Divide”
A high-energy rocking song brings back around with Kansas-like riffs and powerful vocals. The song’s message calls out for us to try to build bridges across the divisions we see in our world.

Track 8 “Digital Us”
In the flavor of a Rush tune, Digital us has Alex-like guitars and Geddy keys but also uses Pink Floyd effects to transmit a signal that we are becoming digitized in our life. Technology enhances our lives but also binds us to it.

The entire album is a musical journey for the listener. Songs differ in style, yet still, have a recognizable sound that is Time Horizon.

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