The director of the International Magic Festival Hocus Pocus, which this year celebrates its 20th Anniversary, will present on December 8, 9 and 10 at the Spain Pavilion at the Dubai Expo, his show “Concert for Deck and Piano”

Miguel Puga “Magomigue” , director of the most magical festival in the world, the Hocus Pocus International Magic Festival of Granhada , which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary , will take his most personal magic to nothing more and nothing less than DUBÁI .

Miguel Puga will have a three-day performance at Expo Dubai 2020/21 inside the Spanish Pavilion on December 8, 9 and 10 where he will present his show Concert for Baraja and piano.

Welcome to this warm and welcoming place where you can attend the unusual show Concert for deck and piano . The first surprise will be to discover how these two objects, so intrinsically different from each other, can be used to bring out deep related emotions. Through this super original four-handed concert, cardboard and a piano they converse, blurring the boundaries between their respective aesthetic messages, and question each other about the most subtle and effective ways to provoke emotions and fear.

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We remember that during the Christmas season , the Magic Galas of the Hocus Pocus International Magic Festival of Granhada(International Gala, Close-up Gala, Family Gala) will be held with the most impressive shows and performances by renowned illusionists and with regular headquarters at the Isabel Theater The Catholic of Granada. This year the festival has prepared a special 20th Anniversary program (from December 26 to 30) of the most interesting with the shows of illusionists from all magical disciplines that come from many parts of the world.

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