Sydney’s clayhands have joined Sydney-based label Bird’s Robe Records.

Their self produced debut album ‘Is This Yes?’ will be released worldwide on Friday, October 29th, initially on CD & digital formats, followed by a vinyl release in 2022.

Pre-orders are available now & the first two singles ‘Murking’ and ‘Godolphin’ are available to listen now on streaming services.

Featuring soaring soundscapes and beautifully constructed instrumentals, the band recall the lush pieces of artists like Tortoise, Grails, Do Make Say Think, as well as composer Hans Zimmer and soundtrack legends Goblin.

Going back further, there are comparisons to early era Yes and King Crimson.
Having only just emerged on the Sydney live music scene, the project features a revolving lineup of live performers, anchored by a core of four members.

clayhands join the immense Bird’s Robe Australian roster alongside sleepmakeswaves, We Lost The Sea, Meniscus, Closure in Moscow, Toehider, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, SEIMS, Dumbsaint, Solkyri & more.

The band released the following announcement:
“In exciting news, we’re honoured to be signing up with The Bird’s Robe Collective, an integral cog of the progressive music scene in Sydney, and indeend, many other places. This marks an enthralling new chapter in the book of clayhands.”
Bird’s Robe Records’ Director Mike Solo released the following statement:
I recently heard the debut album from this Sydney group and was blown away, it’s glorious. They also played an excellent support set for Solkyri recently, I got excited and invited them to join the family.
This is a wonderfully talented young group and I’m super happy to be helping share their music with more people around the world.
Otto Wicks-Green, guitarist of label mates & fellow Sydney post-rock group sleepmakeswaves, had this to say about a preview copy of the album:
It’s lovely. A very cinematic take on post rock. There are parts that felt to me like Hans Zimmer meets EITS with those sweeping harmonic strings sections, but with this cool mathy spice throughout keeping everything pulsing. Then these more abstract and funky jazz moments. very thoughtful arrangements and instrumentation keep it interesting.
There’s a pleasant spaciousness to these tracks. Overall (they) have done a great job and this is a killer release. it kept me wanting to stay for the whole thing, which is no mean feat for an extended instrumental record. another feather in the Bird’s Robe cap for sure. 
clayhands release ‘Is This Yes?’ on Friday, October 29th, through Bird’s Robe/MGM
Listen & pre-order at:

Watch clayhands play live in Sydney

Is This Yes?
1. Godolphin
2. Orchid
3. Murking
4. The Boy Left
5. Polars
6. Playgrounds

Heather Darvey – drums, percussion, congas, steel drums, glockenspiel
Matthew Brazel – electric guitars, nylon guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion, synth, FX
Ricky Thom – electric guitars, kalimba, percussion
Ronan Geraghty – piano, keyboards, drums, bass, synths, glockenspiel, percussion, vox, F