Costa Rican prog metal band Time’s Forgotten releases the brand new single Moments of Clarity today, the band asks that you join the on YouTube today to watch the debut of the Moments of Clarity video and chat on the premiere of the video at 9 am CST.

Moments of Clarity is about those moments in life when you lower your defenses and let the important things go through, in the midst of the chaos that is modern life

Priscilla Ruiz: lead vocals 
Jorge Sobrado: drums 
Ari Lotringer: lead guitar 
Gonzalo Trejos: bass Juan 
Pablo Calvo: keyboards, guitars, vocals

“Moments of Clarity” 
Music by: Time’s Forgotten 
Lyrics by: Juan Pablo Calvo 

Produced by Juan Pablo Calvo and Ari Lotringer 

Recorded by the band in different studios. 
Mixed and mastered by Juan Pablo Calvo.

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